Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a quickie today......

Yes I'm tired and drained so I'll make this short and sweet. Let's see we got zipdry and fabric tack in today, I know nothing exciting, but we did get about 8 spools of Silk ribbon on the ribbon wall that sell for $0.90-$1.30 a yard, now who can beat that??? Now keep an eye out on our blogs for something didferent to show up in the next day or so, things around here are growing, we are taking baby steps, but have big ideas so you don't want to miss anything, (and no Kate is NOT having a baby, that's not what I mean). I know we have added more stuff to the clearance table and if you see empty end caps don't worry we are just making room for the new stuff that has shipped, and yes it has started shipping. So keep an eye out for the goings ons, because contrary to popular believe what happens at Paper Tales doesn't always have to stay at Paper Tales. Hey wouldn't that make a cool T-shirt???? or have I said too much. :0

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