Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Well I'm just about ready to go on my trip to Germany, yikes!!!!!!! Next year I don't think I'll be leaving the country, but I think I said that last year. But definately not around the Holidays again, that's just too much.

Look what else I did my neighbors think I'm strange for having my tree up so early but I don't care I didn't want to have to rush to put it up when I got back, too much other stuff to do then, besides I'm not the only one on the street with it up already.
Ofcourse I had to play with my camera, the one of Santa is taken from across the room.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well it's only two weekd from today (yikes!) I'll be on a plane somewhere between here and Germany. I finally got started buying stuff for the trip, well beside my new camera(Canon power shot S3IS). Let's just say that Jon is going to kill me when he gets the bills so I better make this trip count. I will look good when I go though, I do need another pair of shoes, black ones, ok lets just say I need a pair of shoes, don't have any yet. I can't wait to get in some Christmas shopping. Now I just need to get the house in order to go. That means cleaning, something I hate doing, but Jon is leaving in the morning to go fishing in Florida ,with the alligators (I just uped his life insurance) so maybe I can get some good cleaning done. Next weekend we put up the tree, I know it's early but we want it done before we leave or it will never get done, last year when we were gone it took for ever for me to get my act together after we got back.

The store is crazy busy for me atleast right now, we have a teacher having to take a step back for personal reasons, please keep her in your thoughts, but she had to take her classes off the calander, yikes!!!!!!! Cass wants to fill those dates. Oh and as of the 24th I've been working at the store again part time. So I need some class ideas if any boodles, since that's all that reads this thing, has any we could use the help. I also have to make 120 gift tags for customers in Dec. one of my brillant ideas, what was I thinking, Deb and I are also making card kit for Christmas for people to buy, another one of yours truely, I can dig myself in a big hole can't I?? I know I love it, sometimes I do some of my best work under pressure, that way I don't have that much time to think, just create.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well I got myself a new toy yesterday, a new camera. I wanted it before we go to Germany in a few weeks, and I played around with it today while the boys did the leaves in the front yard. And sinse they don't let me take photos of them I had to be sneaky and I was actually inside for most of the photos. Some turned out pretty good and some blurry but I have about three books to read on how to use the thing, so I haven't figured it all out yet.

The last one I like the leaves blowing. Hopefully I get to play a little more before Germany, the kida aren't very helpfull in that department.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ok this is something I just have to share. I love my children and I do trust them, they are very good kids, I am VERY blessed. I feel guilty, almost like I was checking up on my oldest, but what I was doing was trying to get some pictures of him. I gave him one of my old cameras, and he avoids me with the camera like the plague, I never get his face I get a shirt or a hand it's horrible trying to get a picture of him. Well he wanted the camera so he could email pictures of himself and his friends to his girlfriend that lives in Florida, so when I saw his/my camera sitting there I thought I would see if there were any good pictures of him on it, OMG I'm sooooglad I did, I got some of the funniest pictures ever, I can't wait to scrap them, but don't know how to tell him I have them without loosing his trust, because I really don't go through his stuff, like I said he really is a good kid, and not just Eddie Haskle good he has a good heart and respect of things, who would of thunk a teenager these days knew what that word was??? Well here are some of the pictures.

Here is my other son as his true self.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ok so I have decided I am the worlds worse scrapper ever, not when it comes to scrapping but when it comes to taking pictures, this week was Halloween, I dressed up in TWO different costumes, is there one picture of me?????? Of course not, not one bumble bee or Cat in the Hat picture, what's up with that?????? I had to carve the pumpkins myself, really quite sad, y boy think they are too old to, do I have photos of my cute pumpkins, NO! Maybe my new camera coming tomorrow will get me motivated to take more pictures. What I need to do is take more pictures of projects that I do Cass snaggs them all before I photograph them maybe some will be on her class scheduale??????? http://www.papertalesinc.com/ But here are some of my projects from the past.