Thursday, April 30, 2009

I can rest on Sunday right?????

I hope you guys come and join us for NSD, it's going to be lots of fun. I've been making goodie bags, prize bags, $1 ribbon bags oh let's say about 200 of them. We have $1 flower bags, prizes, prizes and more prizes, we've added a whole new table for the clearance section, specials, specials and more specials. Lets not forget about the make and takes, Helen and I will be doing some cool stuff with you guys. There will be so much fun going on you will want to hang out all day. Watch you inbox Cass is sending out coupons today so you can plan ahead with all the details in it.

Well I should get to work, maybe I can make it home for dinner tonite. Tim told me lastnite that "Mom that's 3 nights in a roll you have had dinner" LOL-not that he's worried about me he's just worried about the fact that I'm not home to fix his dinner for him, typical teenage boy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Maya Mist...

Have I said how much I love this stuff, if you notice I used it on the organizer in the last post. It covers so well and dries pretty fast, it has a solid colr not a sheer color like the other mist out there, I've asked them to do white, but they laughed and said I'd need to paint the stuff for white. Oh well, sometimes I want the impossible.

Here's a little hanging I did using the Maya Mist, it took me about 30 min. It was out of just left overs and scraps. I used their rubons too, the whole sheet is a rubon so I used the "Road" from Maya Road and I used "the journey of a lifetime" from the bottom on the frame, I don't think you can see it in the picture.

Well It's Friday so that's my errand day so I better get started.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm hoping it is finally here, along with spring comes cleaning and organizing, two things I really don't d well. But to help me along I made this new class, not yet on the calendar. I used Maya Road sheer binder, mist and chipboard. It's a scrap supply organizer for when you go shopping, that way you don't over buy or forget something that you need.

Now for you card makers out there,if you are not signed up for Mays card class with Deb, you might not want to miss it, Wally will be back. I saw him at the store yesterday, the best part of my day!!!! He's doing great. Hope to see you there. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today is going to be great.......

I figure if I head in with that attitude it wil be good right? The sun is shining, I'm making headway on my classes and getting stuff done for NSD lots of good stuff going on then. The dogs are back to their normal selves (lord help me), the boys do nothing but run and play all day, you'd never know that one was 9 years old and had a list of health problems as long as my arm, I think Dexter was the best thing for him.

Timothy is getting to take the car out more and more, ok so twice is more to me, but he respects the fact that I need him to take it slow. Drew got a promotion, sort of at work, he now has to wear big boy clothes.

I do have a new class up at the store it is a Gentlemen's Book. Pictures will come with it, but you don't have to use them you can use your own. There is a lot of actual vintage items in the book so not all will be exact but you will have one of everything.

Now have a good day and enjoy yourself.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dexter, Dexter, Dexter....

What is is about labs that traquilizers don't seem to work on them, I swear I don't think anything will calm Dexter down. So therefore his stitches from his neuter are not healing well. It also doesn't help that he has taken a chunk out of his cone, yup he can distroy a non-distroyable (is that a word) cone. He uses his cone to to scratch his area, he is truely a damit dog. He is still a moma's boy he tries to lay in my lap for me to rub his belly, but at 40 lbs. he doesn't fit anymore. He looks so defeated and sad in his cone. And his little face makes me sad he has to be in it, but it's for the best right now.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

France, we come from France.

Yup that's what my dogs are saying right now, this morning started early. Well early for me, it was early. Get two of the dogs to the Vet, there is a reason we have an in-home vet so actually taking them is not easy. Left them both with an estimate I didn't want to see, to have them call to say it was a miss quote NOT in my favor. They both came out of their surgeries without any problem. Rascal, now can close his eye all the way and has had his teeth done, not to mention another Cushings test, and Dexter well let's just say hopefully he will be a calmer little boy for now on. When they brought them back in the room to go home Rascal was ready to see us and get some lovin' Dexter was a little mad, he turned his back to us and just stood there. So now my shins are being hit all the time by two dogs with cones on and Lacy hates them, although she needs one too, she's the one that will really be going at the stitches. They have mastered eating and drinking, it was fun to watch them try to smell for a spot to potty this evening. I can't wait to see them try to play tug of war. Here are the two Cone Heads.

This weekend is going to be fun!!!!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Well I did it......He did it....and we all survived.

Yup that's right, I let Tim take the car out by himself for the first time on Saturday. I didn't think he would do it but I gave him a small list and he went to the store to pick up the items for me, he said it was a taste of freedom. I guess we both grew a little this weekend, and we both caught Jon's cold. So because I have been feeling under the weather I watched a lot of movies this weekend, I laughed and cried, I saw Marley and Me. I knew all about the movie and Jon even read the book but both of us cried like babies, not a movie to watch when you have a dog going thru health issues.

Well I just spent a few minutes adding a couple of new things to our Etsy site, if you like vintage then you will like the site here's a few of the items there.

I try to add a few new things every couple of days, so please check back often.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Here's a peek.....

This one is going to be quick, just a little peek at the Vintage page class that is on the calendar for the first Saturday in June. Here's one of the three layouts.

I am also working on a Senior year album in a day, you'll see some of that soon, you'll do a whole album for that graduate in one Saturday, the last Saturday in May, it will be 20 pages. I'm also working on a very masculan book with a vintage touch I have vintage poker chips and leather buttons and more, that one is also schedualed in May. My mine right now is full of creativity just waiting to come out. I have lots of vintage goodies in my stash to use for most and some new trick I have learned for others.

Well back to creating.