Friday, December 29, 2006

Well Christmas has come and gone and sometimesit just doesn't seem like enough time with the family. We did have a wonderful time but I must be totally honest by time it was all don I was ready for everyone to leave, does that make me a bad person???? I hope not, I had spent 3 days with these people and just wanted time alone, I think I was getting on their nerves too. Here are some holiday pictures from me to you.

Tim wrapped my gifts with love.

even Rascal is dressed for the occassion.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Right now all has come to a screetching halt at my house. But I am soooo very thankfull that it is this weekend and not next weekend. All was well, got up drank my coffee, didn't shower, why bother I was going to do some massive cleaning and get all grimmy and sweaty so I'd shower afterwards, right. I was cleaning doing the laundry, wrapping gifts, helping the cable guy, I didn't want him climbing around my village and didn't want to move it. The weather is abnormally warm so the kids are all outside playing, getting dirty. And did I mention I haven't showered yet????? We are planning on taking the In-laws out for dinner, need to get some baking done, truffle done, kiss cookies started peanut butter balls done, and bishops bread to go. I'm folding laundry and I'm so proud of myself, I never get it all done and hardly ever fold any of it. I go down stairs to change loads only 2 more to do, on average with the 4 of us we can do 10-14 on the weekend (two hoodies can be a load) I hear water running and think nothing of it at first, then I think it really doesn't sound right the dishwaher is done running and the sumppump sounds different, have I mentioned I haven't taken a shower yet????? Look over and the hot water heater is spuing water everywhere. Ok I'm the handy one in the house, but there are two things I don't mess with plumbing and electricity, and this is one of them. And wouldn't you know it not male was home in our neighborhood, they were all out Christmas shopping just like mine. I couldn't get the water to the heater to turn off the valve was stuck, and I even had Drew try it and as my FIL says if he can't get it to turn it ain't turning. Drew amazes doctors with how strong he is. well now we have no water I had to turn the main off and DH tried to fix the leak and broke something and now we are waiting for a new hot water heater to be installed sometime tomorrow afternoon. Have I mentioned I still haven't showered?????

But after all that I am very greatfull that it all happened this weekend and not next weekend.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well Christmas is almost here, another year is almost gone and yet again I have not done half the things I wanted to do. I thought I would have been published or maybe even on a DT by now, but nope none of those things have happened. Then again I haven't really tried very hard. I just haven't had time, I've been doing more important stuff, spending time with the boys, not always quality but time.

I have managed to keep my kids alive!!!!!!!! That's a biggy for me, teenagers are not easy, but sometimes they can be fun if you have an evil side. I have watched them both grow so much this year. Tim both physically and emotionaly. I think that boy grew two feet since last Christmas. Drew has showed me he has great respect for somethings and yet none for others, he knows he is not invinsible, but feels he is too smart or maybe just too lazy to do anything. Sometimes I just want to ring his neck.

I have spent time with friends, made some new ones, and added a couple more countries to my list that I have been to. This year we sy we are staying home, although we said that last year too so we'll see.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well I guess since I've been back from Germany I should post some photos.
This would be the Castle that we stayed in, I think it was haunted, long story.

This would be DH making friends with the goat that tried to eat me, the castle had it's own farm. I just don't think this castle liked me at all, although I enjoyed being there, it didn't like me and it let me know it.

This would be sun rising over the mote, once again I am the only on that saw things jumps out of the mote, by things I mean fish, no one else saw them. I am not loosing my mind.

This would be the main gathering room, did I mention the mirror in our room was made in 1750, I could still see myself. It was for decoration not for use you could tell it was really old and worn.

We had a ball and I have many more pictures I did take 509 most turned out ok, that surprises me. I would deffinately go back and even stay in the sam place the people were nice, and I still have to laugh at the castle, that I believe is haunted. We also visited the Netherlands , a few WWII cemeterys, Amsterdam, some Christmas Markets, and bought more chocolate that nay one could eat. Actually Mike bought the chocolate we didn't, he gives it out to his employees. He can give it to them as long as he takes me on the shopping trip for the chocolate.