Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Very IMPORTANT!!!!!!!

This is just a very quick post to let you know that our silent auction is going to start tomorrow, there for you need to go by the store and place a bid, all bidding stops at 6:00pm Sunday. I will be posting pictures on my blog tomorrow, get your items number and you can even call the store and see how your item is doing or up your bid. Remember the money is for Breast Cancer. Don't forget we are also having out 3 day crop this weekend call for your spot today 1-586-773-7911.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So how hard is it to count to 15 anyway??????

Well for someone who is sleep deprived apparently pretty difficult. Kits for class today 15 ok maybe 16???? who can count, better to have one more that one less right????? Sweet Treats 15 kits of about 20 items yeah letsjust say 14 of these 16 of those rarely was there 15 found, yes we had 15 we just had to find them, counting today just got down right funny.

Do you ever wonder what goes on at your house when no one is there?????? Well yesterday I found out. I told the dogs behave I was leaving walked out and came back to get something and found this.
I was laughing too hard to yell at her, she's almost 11 so I'd let her be comfortable for her nap.
Well this is where I would post pictures of my next wonderful class coming up, but I have no sample so no pictures, no post about it but there are a lot of great classes going on at the store and in my previous post. I'll think about working on some samples. Is there anything you guys want to see coming up for a class?????
Well I should get back to packing Sweet Treats so they will be ready on the first.
Have fun.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like........

Ok maybe since it's 80 degrees and sunny outside it doesn't look at all like Christmas, but since that most wonderful time of the year does have a habit of sneaking up on us I've been think of getting cards ready, and have some quick and easy ones for you. The class is Saturday and there are still a few spots left.

I must say that I had a wonderful time last night at my class, I found out that people read my blog regularly but don't post at all on it, post every now and then let me know you're out there.

I'm trying to think of what all came into the store lately, I know it's been boxes and boxes, sometimes the Fedx guy sees us twice a day. I know Bazzill is in the new dotted cardstock and it's on sale 35% off. Lots of new Halloween, the new Kimberly Poloson is just beautiful. There is just so much new you just need to come in a see it all.

Have fun. I have to go make something pretty.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Yup still need that 25 hour work day, I have the 7 day work week down, I guess I just like sleep too much. Card class was great Thank You to all that were there!!!!!! We had fun. There is another card class this month it is a Christmas card class on Sat. the 27th. quick and easy cards to duplicate.

I also have a cute little Halloween pin class this month to get you ready for Sweet Treats, you will be making two pins that are cute, cute, cute. They are perfect for gifts.

Then Oct, 21st I have a cute little Halloween book for you guys.

Please don't forget that Oct. 3-5 is our second annual Scrap Pink 3 day crop. You can crop for all three days or just pick one. The weekend will be lots of fun and you won't want to miss out, and I promise I will not do games this year that will pull your attention away from your projects.
Well it's a beautiful day outside so I'm going to go enjoy it, and maybe get more samples done.
Be good or at least have fun.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yes I've been bad.....

I know I said my last post was a real quick on, and I never got back to blogging, but I've been busy, very busy, but aren't we all these days.

Well it is fall, atleast around here and I think I missed summer. I went to buy peaches the other day and the sign said only three days left for the season, I don't remember the season really starting. I then looked outside and yup the neighbor has closed his pool, the Lions are loosing at football again and I actually saw pumpkins for sale at Krogers. I love fall I don't want to miss it, it seems like I blinked and missed summer.

Tim, my social butterfly is talking about going to Homecoming, I'm excited, Drew never did any high school stuff. I might actully get pictures this time around. He would be going stag, Tim and his girlfriend broke-up, or just grew apart over the summer either way neither seems to be bothered by the break-up.

Now for this weeks class. I will me teaching cards this month and if you want a spot you need to call the store now, when I left yesterday there was only one spot left, yes that's right one spot, here's a sample of the cards.

I will also be teaching a Christmas card class this month, it will be quick easy cards to duplicate so you can get many done for you to send out. It's never too early to start thinking about those Christmas gifts, we have some cool classes coming up that would be great for this, including whole 12x12 albums in a day classes, recipe books and many more.

Well I guess I should get back to work, but before I do a little birdie told me that Maya Road should be in this week.

Also wanted to let you know that a very sweet friend of mine Kelly (whose awesome blog is to the right) has given me an honored award, I feel very special to get it, and now need to hand it out, so that part I am still working on, but I wanted to thank everyone who does read my blog, and if there are ever any questions you want to ask please feel free, I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks again for the I love your blog award!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Very quick and important!!!!

Just as a very quick post today I want to guide your attention to Cass' blog.

As some of you already know I lost my husband, Larry, to prostate cancer 11 years ago this month. Larry was 52 when he was diagnosed and it had only been a little over a year since his last physical. Since our medical coverage did not include coverage for a PSA (a $40 blood test) his physician did not think it critical to order this test since there was no family history of cancer. Not a good idea. I knew almost nothing about prostate cancer at the time. One of my grandfather's friends had died of it, but I had no idea that in younger men (under 65) this is an incredibly fast moving, deadly disease. During Larry's battle we met men in their 30's with prostate cancer, some who also lost their lives. As women we know that breast cancer kills, but prostate cancer does too, and sometimes, like breast cancer, without any outward signs that something is wrong until it's too late.
As a way to inform and raise awareness Kate has found an organization called US Too International that is raising funds for research and support. They have designated September 19th as the second annual Sneakers @ Work Day. For a $10 donation you will receive a pair of Blue Shoelaces to wear in your shoes or around your neck or???
I know this is close to our Scrap Pink Weekend, but I'd like to take the first steps here to educate and inform about this disease. Our Friday Night Crop on the 19th is our 1st Blue Shoelaces Crop and the price is $15. $10 will go to US Too International.
Make your donation and pick up your Shoelaces by Thursday September 18th and you will receive a Blue Shoelaces Early Bird Coupon Book. 8 coupons good from September 19-21, 2008.
Wear your shoelace in the store on Friday the 19th and get a coupon good for $5 off a $20 purchase.
Wear them during the crop and we'll have something extra special for you:)

This is straight from her blog, please help, some may not know that my Grandfather right now is battling this, and I will be wearing my blue laces for him and everyone else who has lost the battle.

Thank you.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Day well just another day...

Well ok nothing much has gone on around here, school has started, allergies are here in full force, and the fish water is now clean.

Melissa Frances came in today and is out on the floor, she has some really pretty stuff. The LittleGuy line is just adorable, and the new stuff added to her Thankful line are wonderful. I can't wait un til her Christams line comes in just wait until you see it, it hasn't shipped yet, but I do have a class planned with it, so keep your eyes open for it.

Between sneezing, and itching my eyes I have managed to play a bit with Basic Grey Ambrosia line and some stuff you might just see in Paper Tales Sweet Treats. The first one is October.

Be good or atleast have fun.

Monday, September 01, 2008

My weekend.....

Well a long weekend, what did you guys do with yours????? Hopefully you had a nice close to your summer I know it is sad to see it go, even tho I do love fall I'm not thrilled with the season after it :(

Ok back to this weekend. Well I think I spent all day Friday buying food for the kids to go back to school and get the last of the supplies we hope that are needed. I'm sure that there are a few things Tim will need but we'll get those lists from the teachers. His history paper is finally done that he has had all summer to do, yes he had AP History homework over the summer. Tim got a job Friday, he wanted one all summer and now that he has to go back to school he has a job.
Jon and I spent Sunday buying a new TV and entertainment system, let's just say I'm still looking for that winning lotto ticket Jon has somewhere. All I have to say it thank goodness for warrenties, we bought the warrenty and needed it already, well actually don't know if we needed it or not. The first TV we got had a gas leak so once we got it up on the wall, mind you this is a 58 inch plasma so it was NOT easy to get up on the wall then we had to box it up bring it back to the store get another one and yet hang it up on the wall. We got it up on the wall and watching it. Then I started cleaning my fish tank, ok it's Jon's fish tank but I seem to be the one taking care of it, so let's just say the fish may like swimming in the water but I'm sure they don't want me sitting in it anymore, and as far as that goes I don't want to sit in it either, it really wasn't planned the first time.

I was suppose to get my Christmas cards done for class this weekend, but not one got done, I know it's still early sorta so maybe I could get a couple done before bed, but dinner also needs to be cooked and rinsing my undies out in the fish tank, from the above accident doesn't count as cleaning the clothes, so that too needs to be done. So I guess I have miles to go before I sleep.