Saturday, August 02, 2008

I smell new stuff............

Yes new stuff is coming in, let's see Tattered Angels came in, 7 gypsies, Artelisious, yes I spelled it wrong but trust me it's worth coming in for, and some Ranger products came in, so if you've been waiting on ink, it's back in stock.

But here is one of the new things we have been working on and we have more up our sleeves so keep an eye out. pretty cool huh!?! Good thinks are yet to come still, no I'm not kitting you.......ooops I slipped again. Let us know what you think of the site.

Hey don't forget to got to and vote for us in vote 4 the best, time is running out, you can vote once per email address.


jendera said...

Hey Laura,

Denny stopped in Paper Tales to pick up those kits tonight. I'm not sure if you were there or not. But... I need the photos or something for them and I don't have your email. :)

He picked up one with the metal book album and the other is a 7gypsies one that I think is the one that has to be stitched!

Thanks again for helping me out!!!

KJ said...

I've never heard of Artelicious, but I love the name!