Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two of my favorites!!!!!!!!

Two of my favorites companies are joined in one book for a very good cause, ok the cause is because I put them there, but it seems like they just go together. It is a book for Breast Cancer, it would also be a great book for a friend. What could go better with Melissa Frances paper than Maya Roads new Angel Wings book, it just seems to be a fluffy pink and white match made in heaven. So here are a few pictures of this wonderful little book.

I guess I should go back to work and get some cards done, I'm sure Kate has another class sample done. I know she was very close to having her travel book done. I know you guys have been waiting for it and it will be worth the wait.
Hey did you see our exclusive 4x4 die from quickutz?????
Did you notice I have mirror cuts in the book???? wanna know how I did that????? It's not hard, come to the class and find out, there are some clear ones too that are hard to see in photos.

Friday, August 22, 2008

All grown up.........

And it makes me sad, and proud at the same time. Drew has his own car, license and is moving on with his life. Yes he is 18 and just getting his license but while still taking drivers ed. he got in a car accident with his grandmother and totalled a car, no one was hurt but it scared him to death, so getting him to drive again was not easy. But he scored a perfect score on his road test yesterday. Yay, Drew!!!!!

here he is with his new car, well used but it's new to him, right? It's a 2007 Grand Prix.

Here he is with his psycho grin, if he pulls out this grin you know he's happy, if he just smile he wants you to leave him alone.

This would be Drew showing Tim the trunk, which is where he will be riding in his car, and if we can never find Tim this is the first place we should look, brotherly love.

Here's Tim trying to figure out how to jack the keys so he can go pick up Austin and Chance and go cruise for chicks.

Here's Drew telling his peeps he's got his car, and yes they all went out to the movies, even Tim.

Right now Drew is on his way to Wisconsin with his girlfriend to her grandparent's cabin, they left at 3am I'm a little nervous about this one, he's never been away before without an adult, I know techniquely he's one but he's never had to face some issues alone, what if someone gets hurt or there is car trouble, stuff like that.

Well I think I have bored you enough, I'll tell you about the class I'm working on now, and hopefully will have photo's up soon. It's a breast cancer book, done with MF papers and the MR wing book. I hope to get it done today, as well as the rest of my cards done this weekend for my two card classes this month. We have the regular card class on the 17th and then we are having a Christmas card class on the 27th. So I suppose I should get off of here and do my friday errons and get to work.

Until next time. Be good or at least have fun.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Where does the time go???????

I can't believe how fast time seems to fly by. Summer is almost gone, the kids will be going back to school soon. The kids grow up too fast, Drew gets his car tonight and starts College next week, Tim will actually be in the High School soon, his high school is 10th - 12th grade. Which reminds me he needs to get his summer homework done for his AP class. The joys of getting a teenage boy up to catch the bus at 6:30 am will be starting soon, yay!!!!

Ok, here's a class I've been working on. I used the graphic 45 paper and you will be learning to use the bind it all, it's really easy and fun, we will be useing tags and envelopes, this tool is so much fun it really sparks your creativity.

Just so you know this is not all of it, the class is Sept. 9th so call the store and save your spot.

Now I have to go back to my room and work on more class samples, can you beleive Kate has 3 at the store and right now I only have one, this one is not at the store yet. I can let Cathy and Deb out sample me they just are too fast for me to keep up with, but Kate come on, now I know I'm really slacking.

Until next time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love my life!!!!!!!!!!

Ok as I sit here on my front porch typing on my lap top, looking down my tree lined street, as yes my cleaning lady finishes up inside I realize I am spoiled. Maybe I shouldn't say I am spoiled because I appreciate everything I have. I do love my life and am very thankful for everything I have, and yes this is the first time in my life I have let anyone else clean my house, but my husband says I'm no good at it so he has hired someone. Well it's not so much that I'm no good at it, it's just that I don't do it, so maybe it's just lack of experience, and if you've seen my mother's house you know I didn't learn that way. LOL!!!!

I should probably talk about so business here, well that's fun too. We have a garage sale going on this week and if I can get my butt in gear I might actually put some stuff in it. There are a few tables left, it's a good way to make some extra credit for that new stuff coming into the store.

If you are intersted in Christmas gifts we do have a few of our past kits for sale in the store, tagged and ready to go, you should stop by and take a look, and more will be coming in soon. Or maybe to get a head start if you see a class you like take the class and order a kit too to give away as a gift. Our design staff is coming up with some cute ideas , and some will be limited.

Now for the Build a Page class, the way that will work is we will have one sketch, and three different sample of that sketch. You will pick the sample or samples you want to do, and we will pull the stuff for you to purchase to do the one you choose. I will be there to help in any placement or turning of the sketch or if you want to freelance. But the idea is for you to learn how to look at one sketch and get many different looks from it and make it your own.

Until next time.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Random this.......

Driving today I was thinking, yeah I know me thinking is always scary. I was thinking of a conversation I had with Tim the other day, when he went on his rant about how expensive teenage girls are and how he says he's thinking about being an ugly purse designer because that's where the money it. I saw something in my neighborhood today I don't see too often, a SOLD sign. I think my head is getting too big for me and I need to come back down to earth. Still need to figure out how to get 48hrs worth of work into a 24 hr. day. Drew's graduating high school finally sunk in when I had to pay his college tuition bill this week. I'm trying to decide if I should clean before the cleaning lady comes on Tues. yeah we got a cleaning lady.

Here's some things that aren't random.

Paper Tales has a new Etsy site, you can get some of our class kits there here's the link.

Scrap Pink is coming soon so mark your calendar, we are having a three day crop again for Breast Cancer. That also means we will be having our silent auction again.

Still working on new stuff, we always have something up our sleeves so keep stalking the blogs.

Have you signed up for our Garage Sale yet??????? Need to make room and earn money for the new stuff coming into the store????? You should stop by and sign up, and clean up.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I smell new stuff............

Yes new stuff is coming in, let's see Tattered Angels came in, 7 gypsies, Artelisious, yes I spelled it wrong but trust me it's worth coming in for, and some Ranger products came in, so if you've been waiting on ink, it's back in stock.

But here is one of the new things we have been working on and we have more up our sleeves so keep an eye out. pretty cool huh!?! Good thinks are yet to come still, no I'm not kitting you.......ooops I slipped again. Let us know what you think of the site.

Hey don't forget to got to and vote for us in vote 4 the best, time is running out, you can vote once per email address.