Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to reallity........

I guess it's time I turn back to earth, I've been on a winning high lately. Today I went and got my monthly shot, picked up my new glasses, and sad to say had to send my son's new glasses to him. My husband decided to send him up north to his grandparent's house while I was in Chicago, so he will be gone for two weeks. Now granted his is having a great time and doesn't need me at all, but I miss him. :( The house is quiet, no friends over now guitar music, and he's not dancing around asking me for things. So I guess I better put this quiet time to use and get some class samples done, so here is what I did today.

It's a star book I think the class is Tues. Aug. 5th. Please call the store if you want to take it or need a kit.

Here are two of the three Vintage Layout's you will do Sat. Aug. 9th. once again reserve your spot soon it tend to fill up quickly.

Well I guess I need to get back to work, more samples to make.

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