Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What a mess!!!!!!!!!

Ok I decided once again I needed so organization in my life, hey it sounds good anyway. we'll see if I actually stick to it. LOL!

Well my youngest Tim is away for two weeks at his grandparents, it's sooo quiet around hear I miss him and the dogs are going crazy without him. But I sent him this picture of his room the other day and told him he could never leave again if this is the way he was going to leave his room.

He told me I needed to get ALL of my crap out of his room before he gets back home, and I better not leave a "craft smell" in it. Sad to say that is only about 1/3rd of my stuff, and most of it is out of his room now. I'm not sure what a "craft smell" is, but I'm sure the zipdry smell is in there somewhere. I told him maybe he should think twice about leaving me again, next time I could fill his room with all my smelly candles that he hates. I suppose I should go get the rest of the stuff out of his room, he does come home on Sunday. :)

By the way here is Tim at his grandpaprents.

Yup that's my pride and joy.


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Brandy said...

Nice lampshade! And I think craft smells like adhesive too. Mod Podge?

KJ said...

ROFLMAO....craft smell.