Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No real title today.......

Well lots going on, if you love vintage flowers, now I'm talking stuff from the 40's-50's keep a watch on aour etsy site to the right (Paper Tales online) I've been trying to get some up there but as soon as I get them up there they're gone so you have to be fast, but the stuff is truely amazing.

I have pictures of my Sentiments class coming up Nov. 5th it's a littl book full of things to put into cards with plenty of room for you to add your own.

I also have a few pictures of my Christmas house on the 10th, this you are making a cute little house that actually looks like something is going on in the windows and you have a tag book inside.

I also have a vintage Christmas book coming up on the 18th but I have no sample yet, the paper I'm using just made it into the store yesterday so that is on my list of things to do tonight and tomorrow, and don't forget that our annual Cookie Book is this month and space is limited this is always a fun event not only do you get the recipes of the cookies, plus pictures of how they look but you get to sample each of the cookies that night, yup we are talking about 20 different types of cookis for you to eat, now what could be better than that!!!!! That class in the 20th.

Well I suppose I should go get ready for work, I need to pack Novembers Sweet Treats today, you guys are going to love these.

Have a good day

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank You for waiting.......

If you would like to purchase a kit for the Bon Appetit class below I do have only two kits that are extra, 80% of the ephemera in the kit is the actual vintage stuff and NOT reproductions, althought there are 3 repros in the kit. It is a great kit and would make a great gift for Christmas. the cost of the kit is $30 plus shipping. Please contact me at if you have any questions or would like one, it is a first come first serve basis. Here are a few pictures of the project, and again thank you for all the kind words on the project.

And if you are looking for some cool stuff, Paper Tales does have an online store at etsy ther is a link to the right, you might want to check that out, I'll be adding some cool stuff in the next couple of days, trust me really cool stuff.
Thank you,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What a responds to the book. First I want to say thank you th Teresa for putting my book on her blog, she is such a sweet friend. Thank you.

Now to answer some of your questions;

I will be happy to sell some kits for this class, but I had to order more of Teresa's paper first so please let me know if you are seriously interested and I will figure out how to get it done.

Now as far as my source for the vintage stuff Oh how I wish there was a few places where I/we could go to pick up what we need or want, but it really is luck and lots of searching, yard sales antique stores, ebay. It takes time, I had the idea for the book when the papr came out and had already started my collection but took until now to get enough stuff, and a few of the items are reproductions, but only a few. It's not easy but I love the hunt for the next great treasure.

As far as knowing the girls at Paper Tales in San Diego, yes I do and Michelle and Helle are wonderful and sweet, I was just there and they have some great little vintage finds in there store they have someone that brings them in that does the searching, California is a great place to search.

Thank you once again for your kind words on my project. If you have anymore questions please let me know.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Class!!!!!!!!

What's this am I actually getting some samples done???? I k now things must be slowing down. This class is done with Teresa Collins Bon Appetit line and I've added my vintage touch, in this book you get actual vintage foos labels and bottle caps lined with cork 1950's, it's got some really fun stuff in it. It would make a great Christmas gift, but space is very limited due to the vintage supplies.

It is a very charming book.

Please keep and eye on our many classes coming up lots of them will be great for gifts, have some fun in a class and make a great gift at the same time.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back into the swing of things........

Yes vacation was way too short and yet I really had no time to take one. When did live get so crazy????? I use to say I work well under pressure, and yes I still do it's just crazy lately, but good crazy so I shouldn't complain.

Well class was fun today, and I hope to get more samples done, yes I know that I am getting my samples in late but some of it is I am waiting on items to ship, so I am trying. I do have many classes in November 5 I think and one of them is a 12 x 12 album we will do this in one day on a Saturday and start at 10:30 am it will be a great Christmas gift for someone or just for you to keep it will be a family theme.

Here are some photos from my trip.

Here is Michelle and Helle, they own and run Paper Tales in San Diego and I must say they are two of the sweetest girls I've met and the store is just charming it would definataly be worth the trip if you are anywhere around Southern California, I love all the vintage stuff they have there.

Here's another friend I made while in San Diego, while on Shelter Island, I could have pet him but I think ha wanted food, bye that time of the day so did I.

Guess where I am here??????

Guess who lives here???? I know you can't tell but this is Bugs Bunny's house or where he use to live he is even carved into the circle in the door. Yes we took a trolley ride in Beverly Hills.

You would think Jon would be smiling since he is on the Santa Monica Pier and just order us a

yup that's a big ole funnel cake, can't go to the peir and not have one, of course our just about blew away.

Can you guess where our Hotel is?????? Well just follow the smoke and you'll get closer. I don't see how people stand all the fires, and it's a constant almost, they have five seasons spring summer, fall winter and fire. No thank you, I had nose bleeds from it and let's not even mention traffic because of freeways being closed.

Although the smoke can make for a pretty picture, but I think I'd wait for clouds instead.

I know this is hard to see but while we stopped at a rest area for picture taking this sign killed me, yes it's a rattle snake warning sign, nice the side of the rest area I was trapesing all over outside boundaries to take pictures no signs go to the other side and these things were all over the place.

Well I really need to get going and get some stuff done.

Goodnight for now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great time....

Ok even tho I am not going to all the places one might go while in Southern California, I am having a wonderful time. It is just me and Jon we really don't get much time together. We did go shopping on Rodeo Drive, I turned him down both at Tiffany's and Coach, the only thing we bought was somthing for our son and yes I did buy something for Sweet Treats :)
Ok I tried to load some pictures but it won't let me so that will have to wait until I get home, so I guess I'm off for today Have fun.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Aaahhh rest........

I'm taking a few days off and have some fun, not that my job is not fun, I love my job, but I'm getting away with my darling sweet husband. It seems like lately that one of us is always working. He has some meetings in San Diego so I'm going with him. I've never been to California. I spent today getting ready which means buy food for the boys, yes we are leaving the boys home alone, they are old enough right and we trust them right, and they are good boys right?????? Besides they will tell on each other if one does something wrong, I hope, they use to anyway when they were little.

I did make myself do something for me today. This is a little project I've been wanting to do since I saw it at the Maya Road booth at Summer CHA, they do have a great Design Team. I loved all the things that they do but this one spoke to me, maybe because I'm a little witchy.

Now I know I promised pictures of the vintage class, and yes I do have two pages done and the third page is still being worked on upstairs, lets just say the poinsettia will have a glass look to it, and it will be at the store when I get back, but here are the other two.

Well now to get some things packed. Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thank you!!!!!!!

First of all I want to thank you for all your help and support at our 2nd annual Scrap Pink Crop and Silent Auction for Susan G. Koman. We had a great time laughed a lot, scrapped a little ate way too much and won some prizes. A good time was had by all I hope.

So while I was getting ready for this past weekend can someone please tell me how I can loose three, yes three fish in my fish tank and not know where they are???? Not even a little piece of them, and one of them was the biggest one in the tank.

I have gotten two of my Layouts done for my Vintage class on the 18th of this month. I will post them tomorrow when they dry. Then I need to work on my cookbook. I will say that if you haven't made it in or reserved your Sweet Treat box yet we only have 3 left that are not spoken for, and I know Novenber is still 3 weeks away but I was working on those boxes today, and I must say we found so really cool stuff for November too, remember they are limited in number, so you might want to reserve your November box today.

Until next time, behave.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Auction is here...the auction is here!!!!!!!

the stores number is 1-586-773-7911

Yes it is time for our Silent Auction for Breast Cancer again during our 3 day crop for Scrap Pink. You don't want to miss the fun happening at Paper Tales this weekend. Three days of cropping, shopping, prizes, raffles and more. I will be posting some of the items up for auction on my blog, if you see something you like please feel free to call the store.
We have over 60 items up for auction and it is impossible for me to post all of them, but here are a few, but first a quick over view shot of most. Starting bid range from $2-$50 so there is something for everyone, and just think it's a handmade Christmas gift, you don't have to tell them you didn't make it ;)
We have a Scrapbooking weekend up for auction at Memories Manor in St. Clair. What a wonderful gift this would be. It is #51

We also have the most comfortable pink robe from zutter and pink flipflops from Melissa Frances, trust me we all fought over this robe, and as the weather is getting chillier it might come home with me yet. #40

This wonderful basket of Making Memories stuff is great it has new stamps and a block, an apron and more. #20

This great trunk of Maya Road goodies is a must have, it is about $50 worth of stuff 2 sheer alphas, felt shapes, slides and more and if you are a Maya Road junkie, and who isn't this is a quick fix. #22

I am sorry but I do not know the number on this item, but it is the only wedding album in the bunch. It is an 8x8 complete album for a wedding it is done in black and white and would make a perfect gift for someone you have in mind or great just to have on hand.

Now we have a Tie from Cosmo Cricket, if you have ever been to their site you know that they have a panic button for husbands and it goes to a tie shopping page, and this would be a tie from this page. There are not many out there, so if you want one this is the place to get it, as well as their paper is in the store.

Ok these next two items fromwhat I gather have been gathering interest, some people have been wanting these sample for a while so we decided to finally let them go, they are some of the first classes that I taught and I love them, but I hate breast cancer more so they are going for a great cause. The first one is a book that has been covered with silk very vintage looking. #36

The Tin Book is also very vintage and is done with Melissa Frances papers and is absolutely gorgeous. #9

We have bags of 15 plus handmade cards some just Christmas, imagine sending out handmade cards and not having to make them. There are about 5 bags of assorted cards just call in and bid and you'll have cards on hand.

There is so much more, we have more baskets of supplies, great books, tags just too much to list. Remember all of this goes to Breast Cancer.

Also we have cleaned our extra kits out of the back room and they will out for sale this weekend, it's another way to get a Christmas gift done. You really need to come in and see all the great stuff this weekend. When I left today Mike was putting new stuff in the computer too, so have I convinced you yet to come in?????

Scrap for a cause.....

While Michigan's 3day walk was last weekend our 3 day crop for Breast Cancer is this weekend. It's a weekend full of fun and who knows I just might bake some cookies????? No that's not a threat. I am trying to get pictures of some of our auction items up on the blog, but time is not cooperating with me, I promise to do it today. Here is the info about this weekends events that I stole from Cass' blog, she so lovingly typed it out and said it so nice.

at 9am Friday morning:D There are still a few spots available for all 3 days. Crop 15 hours Friday, 15 hours Saturday and/or 9 hours on Sunday.
This includes, goody bags, prizes, raffles, food, Chocolate!!! and our Silent Auction.
Even if you can't spend the weekend with us, you can participate in our Silent Auction to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.
Our Silent Auction items are up in the crop room, with another great selection. Last year we raised over $1000 for breast cancer. Items this year include a weekend crop at the new Memories Manor in St. Clair, lots of our past class samples, great tool and gift packages from Fiskars and Making Memories and lots more. At last count we have over 50 items for the auction and things are still coming in.

Well I gotta run, so much more to do.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sweet Treats TODAY!!!!!!!!!

Today is the launch of our first Kit the stuff in it is very cute. If you love Halloween it's a must. Here's a bit about it.

The concept of Sweet Treats is a monthly limited edition embellishment kit club. Unlike most of the scrapbooking “kit” clubs our intention is to be just embellishments, and NOT your standard scrapbook fare. We will search for the unusual, the vintage or collectible; sometimes they will be reproductions, but always the unusual that will set your projects and pages apart. Occasionally things may not be completely acid free because of age, so think about what project you may be using something on and act accordingly. Some months there will be a theme and this first one is heavy on the Halloween just because we love Halloween, but November’s kit will be a fall color palette.
Each month you can sign up in advance and be guaranteed a kit, or you can wait until the release date and make your decision. But these are very limited quantities. For October there are only 15 kits and 8 have been spoken for. When they are gone, they’re gone. The cost this month is $19.95, but this will probably vary depending on what treasures we find.
So welcome to Sweet Treats. This month’s kit includes:
Vintage (1950’s) Halloween Treat Bag
Black buttons, both vintage and newer
1 yard of black grosgrain ribbon from the 1920’s
1 yard of vintage orange ribbon tinsel probably 1940-50
1 yard of Vintage Halloween Crepe Paper Festoon
3 New Tarot style cards with a wonder witch graphic
Reproduction Vintage Poison Labels
New black, orange, purple and green glass beads
Vintage dictionary pages from the late teens or early 20’s. Spooky words on every page.
2 new Sterling Silver charms
New flowers stamped with spider webs
Reproduction Halloween images
Vintage and reproduction German and Dresden Scrap
So if you have already ordered, your First Edition of Sweet Treats can be picked up Wednesday, October 1st at 10:30am. If you want to take a look first you can see them then. But remember when they're gone, they're gone!!

Don't forget about our auction, lots going on right now. No rest for the wicked I guess.