Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well this post is about Timothy's yearly tradition with his best friends to go to 7 11 every July 11th to get all the free slurpees they can.  It started back when we would let them ride their bikes far enough from home to go to the 3 7 11's close to us.  Now it has no limits, they drive everywhere.  It is sad that this is their last year of doing this for a while since they are headed of to College and the Military I felt the need to scrap something to remember this by when I went out to Clean Tim's car out after he left and found the pile of cups he left behind from this tradition with his friends.

Sunday, April 03, 2011


I have always loved sewing, I learned how to way back when I was a kid.  I remember sewing on my Mamaw's peddle sewing machine and loved it!! My Mother was always sewing as I was a kid, she made my clothes all the time, I have a different outfit for school the first couple of grades, I would fall asleep listening to the machine humming. I would sew doll and barbie clothes and did move up to sewing clothes for myself.  I remember the first time I actually use a pattern for some clothes for myself and my Mother trying to show me how to follow it, it was a Linen Jacket I was making.  It was right then and there I learned I was a very visual learner.

Well here is a sewing book I did for the Maya Road booth at CHA, and I did it for all the women in my life that taught me my crafts....I thank them very much.

Thank you and have a wonderful Day!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Canvas Wristlet....

Here's a great gift idea.  You can give it just decorated or even use an ATC coaster album in it for a great gift.  I used Maya Mist to watercolor mine and added trim and dangles.  It was so easy and quick and I think it turned out great.  First I wet the whole thing with a spray bottle then I used a mask to get the detail, any mask you like will do. I then used my watercolor brush and dipped it into mist and brushed the color where I wanted it, if I wanted the color to look more washed out I added more water, or you can add more color.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Home Tweet Home

WOW!!!  I am really going to work on posting more often, I promise.  Let's see I am going to shoot for at least once a week. 

Here is a project I did for CHA and the Maya Road booth.  I am so blessed to be able to play with there stuff and have lots of fun doing it.  I love working CHA with them we laugh so much, it is a lot of work but we know how to make it fun at the same time.  Poor David being stuck with all those women, between you and me I think he loves it.  Ok I got off track there here is the project.  I did the bird house Home Tweet Home here is a list of items from Maya Road I used.
Home Tweet Home book
Windows Chipboard pieces
Mini chipboard keys
organza 1/2 rose trim-it's mistable
granny smith apple mist
elderberry blue mist
cream ruffle flowers
bethany alphas

I only used 3 pages and all the little birda and hearts and house frames are part of the book, it is a wonderful piece to work with, I sprayed the white flowers with the mist to match the papers, they are some of my new favorite colors.

Thank you for reading and I promise to post soon.
Have a great day!!!!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Maya Road Christmas Tag

Here is a very quick gift tag I made the other day with some left over stuff from the book I made as a gift, it's a great gift tag!!!

I used the bits and pieces of paper left over from the book and covered the chipboard pieces. For this I used a mini triangle banner, a mini tag and a bird.  While those are drying I cut circles to cover the inside and ouside of a super mega bottle cap, picked a flower that would match the paper chosen.  Then it was just a matter of gluing it all together, I stuck a few crystal pins in the flower before gluing it down and put some to and from stickers onthe back and you have a gift tag.  What tree would not be complete without a baubble on top so I just added a Maya Road resin flower.  Punch a whole in the bottle cap with your cropadile and it is ready to hang.

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quick and Easy Gifts.....

Well thses are some of the pages from a quick gift I whipped together this weekend.  It was so easy all you need is some supplies and you can do the same. I used Maya Road products of course.  My favorite quick and easy base is the 4x4 binder album.  You can make a lot with a little, their mini chipboaed pieces are great for this size and they have so many to choose from so you can do any theme.  Me I chose Christmas memories.  The little pieces are very easy to cover with the mist and it dries very quick.  I used the acrylic tags and glued vintage pictures from my etsy site on the back of them for another embelly.  Quick simple and a wonderful gift.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


If you ever get a chance to take one of her classes I would suggest you run to sign up for it. There are pictures at the end of this post of a class of hers I took at the Artistic Journey in Texas back in October and there are so many tips and tricks even an '"Old Dog" like me can learn.   Actually I always tell my students no matter how long you have been scrapping you can always learn something new.  I love the way Katie mixes paper from different lines, and uses vintage items, and she is very patient with newbies in her classes.   She has a style that is all her own and that I love.  She will show you how to get things done quick and easy.  So like I said...RUN  don't walk.

Tis charming little book is a gift I am giving away so someone else will have a Katie Watson original.