Monday, March 29, 2010

I love this technique!!!!!

Now I have to say I did not come up with this technique I read it in a Somerset magazine. When I read it I knew I wanted to try it but it was too late all the dye was gone, you need Easter Egg dye. So this year I stocked up.

1. Go get your dye and seem binding, I would make the most of it and do as much as I could at once. The dye only comes out once a year.

2. You will also need rubber bands, string, parchment paper, paper plates and vinager.

3. Mix the egg dye according to directions.

4. Cut the length of binding you wish to dye and twist and wad up and secure with rubber band or string. Remember that if it is a large piece and it is all in a ball the dye will not reach the center, make it twisted and longer. If you do not want the crinkle look omit this step and dye flat.

5. Dip in dye as your heart desires or dye all the same color.
6. Dry in microwave in 1 min. incriments, letiing cool between and after dry let the binding stay banded for a few hours to ensure a good crinkle.

7. Then unband and start creating with your ribbon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Super Sale!!!!!

Here's a place you might want to go to find some stuff for a quick fix. It's Lia's Blog

I've taken the last few weeks rearranging and re-pricing my SB Stash for Sale stuff for this day, and yes the day for my SB Stash Lelong Sale is finally here! Well it will be in a few days. :) You guys know that the stuff in my SB Stash for Sale gallery were already discounted, but during the Lelong Sale, the prices on most of the stuff will be further reduced! I've also added lots of stuff that aren't in the Gallery! So please drop by for some great deals. :) Here are the details!
Friday, 2nd April 2010 10am to 3pm Blk 11, Chai Chee Roademail me at to get the full address! So then I know you're coming! :)
*due to unforseen circumstances, I've had to postpone the Lelong session to the following weekend instead of 28th March. Boo!Notes: Cash terms only, if you could bring small notes/change I would love you oh-so-much, no reservations of stuff, and be prepared to have your shopping packed in recycled (but still pretty) paper bags! ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey Lookie I created something!!!!!

This would be the first thing I created since CHA. Well unless you count the jewelry I made. I made a wonderful wall hanging from an 8x8 canvas. I used stuff from Maya Road... a page from their classic scroll book, their edging chipboard, dangles, pins and mist. Then I used stuff from the Paper Tales Etsy site. You can buy the supplies to make this wonderful project one these two sites or you can buy the completed one on my esty site. All three sites are listed at the places I go, you should go there, they are fun places.

I promise I am going to try to create and blog more, and maybe even throw in a tutorial every now and then.

Have a great night.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh Karen!!!!!

Karen, let's see if I can remeber....ok it's very easy to do the trees. Sorry it has taken me so long to repost it for you. I posted this back over a year ago. So here is how you bleach and color those cute little bottle brush trees. You combine bleach and warm water, some people say 3 parts water to 1 part bleach, but It won't quite take that much bleach. Let your trees soak for a few minutes. I do many sizes at once, because once they are bleached you can color them fast for what ever project you want when ever. Once they are bleached rinse them well and let them dry. You can use a hairdryer if you want to dry them but I do not recomend a heat gun it gets too hot. Once the trees are dry you can make the whatever color you want. I spray mine with Maya Mist, but you can use any dye product. Maya Mist is easy all you have to do is spray, no mixing or dunking.

Karen I hope this helped. Have fun.