Saturday, February 28, 2009

Warnig!!!!! Warning!!!!!!

Some of the pictures you are about to see may be disturbing to some, so if you are a neat freak you might want to look away. You have been warned!!!!!!

Now for a little class, people have been asking how I get the effect of spots on my inking, well it's very sinple really.

1. Start with a clean desk or working surface.

2. Protect your surface from the ink with an unused piece of paper.

3. Under that piece of paper make sure you have a nice smooth clean surface to work on, ok this part is NOT true, for a good inking effect you want a rough surface, notice the worn look of my mat protecting my desk. And be sure that you are prepared for that piece of paper not to always protect your surface.

4. Rip linen cover off the dye base ink pad of your choice, I use Ranger Distressing Pads all colors. Once you have ripped the cover off they are now no longer good for stamping only inking, but inking goes so much fast and I have mulitipuls of the colors I use for both.

5. Put the ink pad directly on the paper you want to ink with it lying on your desk top and rub away, start with the lighter color first, you can always add color but if you make it too dark you can not take the color away.

6. Just look at the wonderful marks left on the paper. For blogging purposes I'm showing the white paper under the printed, if you want more mark try leaving some string or tiny bits of paper under it, just play around until you get the effect you want.

7. Now look at the finished project, this is a card that will be in this months card class I think on the 18th. I will post the others later.

Now after seeing my desk, I had to laugh the other day when someone came into the store and asked how I organized my room????? I laughed and said my organizing skills consist of trying not to knock over a pile while stepping over it to get to the desk.

This concludes my first ever how to post, now you were warned so please do not hold it against me.

Friday, February 27, 2009

What happened to February??????

I know it's a short month but man did it fly by! Hopefully this means that spring is actually around the corner. But March does mean another vintage page class, the date is March 7th and there are a few spots left, in this class you will learn to make those wonderful flowers out of grunge board that you see Wendy Vecchi from ranger make. You will find out that it is a fun product to play with. Here are the samples.

Yes these classes are geared so even beginners can do them, but I do not expect to see any M&M's as flower centers (Linda) or do I want to explain the you what an ink pen is (Judy). Neither of you are beginners, and should know better, but thanks for the laugh in class the other night.

Now if you want a class not for begiiners you should take a look at Helen's Garden book it is beautiful with a capital "B" and is filling fast.

Now if you are just in the mood for some new stuff man o man is it flowing in the store, faster than we can put it out at the moment. Come in and see it all and let the creativity flow.

Update on "damit dog" aka Dexter, he still has not stopped from the day we got him, his energy is amazing, he eats like a growing boy but seems so skinny, but strong as can be, he plays tug of war with Rascal my 130 pound dog and holds his own. I have picture from the other day. And sad to say I will not be using stencil paste in my projects in the near future, I came home from work to see Dexter ("damit dog") eating it, I don't know how he got it to begin with but he also unscrewed the lid, didn't chew a hole in it it was unscrewed, yup I chased him around the house saying a few choice words, never a dull moment with him.

Well have a great night.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ok let's try this again......

Blogger hates me it just hates me!!!!! This is the third time I'm typing this, the first time I went to hit post and it just all went bye bye the other day, somewhere in blogger land, and now I just was typing about my trip to see my brother and his family and it just all went blank right in the middle of typing, so now I think I'm going to say I had a great time, laughed until I almost wet myself. The girls Kaitlynn and Missy just love their Uncle Jon, but he is weird. I wish I could see them more often, they are a hoot to be around, my brother is doing a great job raising them (who knew). Here are some photo's of the girls. I would tell you more details but blogger hates me.

this concludes my third try at posting.

Stuff has been coming into the store by the truck loads so I'll post more about that later.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What the heck?!?!?!?!

I have lived in this house for 10 years now with no accidents. Yes I am at the end of a street, with no stop sign. But this weekend I must say I'm glad that there are trees in my front yard, and I wish DPW worked on weekends, now since there have been budget cuts, nothing gets plowed or salted on the weekends and even though it only snowed a few inches my tree has stopped 2 cars the hard way, better the tree than my front porch. And yes sorry Katie's car parked out front stopped one. Two people stopped to let us know, ofcourse the one that hit the car did let us know, I saw him anyway, and the third just drove off, but the tree does have car parts in it, I'm not sure he really got too far.

All I can say I I hope this weekend ends soon, and this week brings much better things.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Not much to say......

Yeah right, when do I not have much to say. Well I just don't have a lot of time. I will try to get pictures of my Sister's book on the blog tomorrow when the light is good. And yes Iris I am working hard on the paper doll book. Now here is what you really want to know, new stuff is already in the store, Maya Road is in the computer and on the floor get it while you can it won't last long. Were working on We are Memory Keepers and Basic Grey should be in anyday now. More Silihouettes arrived today and the Feb Sweet Treats are ready to be picked up, so if you are on the list come and get it you won't be disappointed, and we have 5 extra this month if you want on get it fast they don't hang around for long.

Ok back to work for me.
Y'all have a good night

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Yup, I'm back...

And back to work, and just so you know if you are signed up for Sweet Treats they are almost ready to be picked up. I have to say we have 17 items in this months kit and 16 of them are vintage.

Stuff from the show is already starting to ship so you should see it on the shelves begining next week, and while I was working in the Maya Road booth and don't know everything Cass and Kate ordered I know you won't want to miss a thing when it comes in.

I also have been putting more stuff on our etsy site, just follow the link to the right that says Paper Tales online and keep checking back I'll be putting more stuff up the next couple of days. And yes we do ship international please ask about it, we try to do actual postage for international.

Well back at it, more later.