Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well it's been a while........

Let's just say in that while I've been very, very busy with lots of personal stuff. Let's just say Lots of trips to the doctor/hospital people sick and a few deaths in the family. I just hope that this week all gets back to normal, whatever that is anymore.

But I have finally gotten my layouts done for the Vintage class on the 17th, and am working on my ATCs. Let me just say that my ATCs are more of a technique style class than a true ATC class, we will be playing with perfect pearls. The albums for the Graduation class came in so the sample for that class should be done shortly, it's a clear acrylic "2008" book.

here are the vintage LOs

For any of these classes or anyother teachers classes pleas call the store

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well a quick little post today. My Mother's Day book is finally ready right now it is on the calendar for Monday the 21st. It is done with a Maya Road sheer album and bo bunny paper bright and fun colors, I don't know if you can tell in the photos or not but there is some stamping done in pale pink.

If you're intereste please call the store and sign up.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fun Times......

I had a wonderful time last night in class, even tho I'm not sure you girls needed me there :( It was fun.

I just wanted to quickly post some of my next classes. April 15th I have a Family Secrets book it's a recipe/story book, and at the end of the month I have Don't Blink based on the song, but the journaling is not pictured below because without it the book could be about anything really. I also have a fun sassy Mother's Day book on the 21 st sorry no sample yet we were waiting for supplies to come in, but that sample is at the top of my list of things to do, my next ATC class is on May 6th and we will be making a carrying case of some sort for them. The next Vintage page class is May 17th.

Here are samples of the Family Secrets and Don't Blink.

So if you're interested in taking a class please call the store and sign up, or drop by there is still new stuff coming in daily.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

So NOT ready.........

Where does the time go????? It seem's like just yesterday that I was bringing my bouncing baby boy (great now I'm quoting my mother-in-law) home from the hospital, and now he's 18, a legal adult. We all laughed this morning we Jon threw a suitcase in his room and told him to get the hell out, but I want to cry when I think that if he wanted to he could move out. He is a sweet and responable person/adult (it hurt to type that one), I feel we have done a good job raising him, it's just I want him to be 6 again, and Not just because that would make me 28, but he's a fun person to have around, even though he says he's not a people person.

I love you Drew and Happy 18th Birthday.