Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well I do beleive I have done well over the past few weeks at NOT killing anyone or going on some type of rampage. I spent some time with my Mother after her spinal surgery, which she is now mad at me because I read up on the surgery to know what was going on, because in the past she has said I didn't care enough about her to read up on her medical conditions, this time I read up on it and now she is still mad, it's a no win situation with her, now I know too much and she can't keep me in the dark about what she should be doing or not.

Then we are getting our floors redone it was suppose to be a three day job, lets just say three days would have been last Weds. they will be back tomorrow to finish what they were just going to leave. This was the place I would not recomend to anyone. My floors look nice but the lack of professionalism, and the lack of respect for my time. Lets just say once my appointment was for 9-11 am and they showed up at 5:30 pm just to get the color of the stain before they even started then when it came time to stain they didn't even have the right color, when I called about the waste of my time they were like you didn't have to go to work so what are you worried about. I'm seriuosly not looking forward to them being here tomorrow I don't even want them near me, whatch the news I might be on it.

I'm in great need of creating something but my room is trashed because of the floor situation, not only because we needed to put stuff in it but they felt it was necesary to open all the doors, for waht reason I don't know so dust is all over everything now. Stuff keeps coming in to the store by the truck loads, the fedex guy backs the truck up to the door and laughs at us everyday. I'm a fraaid to bring any of it home yet. I have sooooo many projects going on in my head I need to get them out. Some are for classes and some are for the Scrap Pink silent auction, and on that note, if anyone out there in the blogging world that would like to donate anything to the Scrap Pink Auction please feel free and let me know I will be glad to give you all the details.

Even tho I have not been creating Deb and Andrea have been busy coming up with some great classes you should check them out at www.papertales.com and I promise I will get some going as soon as I can sneeze my way through the dust. Did I mention that they start on my bathroom on Monday.