Friday, July 11, 2008

This one is for Kelly's Tag

I had to come up with 7 random/wierd things about me, well let me just say I had to narrow it down to 7 things. So here goes, please don't think any less of me, I tried not to put any real gross wierd ones in there. ;)

1. Never close drawers or cabinets behind me.
2. I love to sit and eat anchovies right out of the can/jar could eat those little critters all day.
3. Don't think you should ever cook a piece of fruit, don't eat don't like it. Yes that means I don't eat apple pie. Give me a piece of fruit fresh and I'll eat just about any kind, just don't cook it.
4. Yes I have to admit it I grew up in the mountains of Ky. so I have eaten squirrel. :o
5. Don't wear short, not even if it's 100 degrees outside, no one wants to see my white legs anyway, besides it means I'd have shave them.
6. Never sleep without blankets on me, just doesn't seem right to have them on the bed and not use them.
7. I do sleep with my eyes open, sometime all the way open, but most of the time it's just my left eye, I can't close it all the way without thinking about it so it is always slightly open anyway, it has something to do with the nerve in my brain that acts up that causes my headaches.

Well there you have it, I don't know if or how many people I'm suppose to tag so lets see I'll tag people on the left. Deb, Heather, Brandy, Kate and Caroline

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