Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I don't like being sick........

I don't feel real well today, but work needs to be done so I'm trying to do a little from home, I don't want to make the baby sick at work.

Well now that I'm done whinning I will share some of the cards that I am teaching on Sept. 16th at Paper Tales, if you want to see all of them you'll have to go in and see them all. It's ok you'll be going there anyway because Graphic 45 is in. Well here are my cards.

Well I think I'm going to go take a nap now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a quickie today

I just want to say that the new stuff is starting to roll in, new boxes daily. Today we got MAYA ROAD!!!!!!!! and even more. Come in while it last.

Thank you for selling out my vintage zoo class and there are a few spots left for the vintage page class on Saturday.

Have a great day

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I guess I should really get back to posting more on my blog, I'm getting addicted to facebook it has sucked me in, but I do love talking with some of my old high school friends.

Yesterday was a good day for me I sold all of my french ribbon flowers I had on etsy and have orders for more!!!!!!! Thank you Diane!!!

I guess I should get going to work but first here is some eye candy, it's stuff I did for the Maya Road booth at CHA, there stuff is soooo much fun to work with, and has started shipping so it will be in a store by you soon.

They always do such wonderful stuff to spark your creativity.
Just to let you know we had a small amout of french ribbon come into the store yesterday, I picked it out myself and it's going fast, so you might want to hurry in and get it while you can.
Until next time.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

My, my how time flies......

Well I can't believe it's August already, and the heat of summer has finally hit us here in Michigan, it brought it's friend humitity too.

Lots to catch up on and yet it seems like I have done nothing. I went to CHA with Maya Road again ( I love working for them) I must say I was surprised how small CHA was, but I always have fun with the girls and David. I did get offered some teaching jobs while there, I have to look into them a little further, so I may be coming to a scrapbook store near you.

We had to put down our middle dog Rascal, he was the best dog ever, I've never had a dog that listened so well and didn't care what you did to him. He was just a big ole bunch of love, the family took it very hard.

My father-in-law gradutated from Metodist Theological School, we are very proud of him.

I do have class samples done, I know Cass is grasping her chest as she reads this, but it's true. I have the Vintage Zoo book done and Vintage page class done, I hope to get more done tomorrow.

Well I think I am going to go for now, lots more to do before bed.

Have a great day.