Monday, July 30, 2007

Well I really am not good at this blogging thing, it's been almost a month again, yes I've been busy but not that busy. I went to CHA had a blast as always, it's not all fun and games it's a lot of work but fun work. Met some really cool people and ofcourse had fun with Caroline and Deb from Maya Road, as always I could buy everything in their booth and think we just about did. The people from Tinkering Ink are the some of the nicest people I met, they have great customer service. Sat and talked to the owners of Basic Grey for a while after the show closed on Sunday. I did miss seeing Teresa there although I do understand her decision to spend time with the family, and from her blog it sounds like she has had a wonderful time.

I am getting new floors in my house soon, man I don't think I like contractors already, they had me sitting around for a 9 am appointment until 5:30 on day and have already told us they might be running behind for our job. Then in the next few weeks I should get a new tub, yay!!!!! ours is so old and nasty I've not had a good soak since we moved in here 8 years ago, I'm ready for a nice long bubble bath.

My mom is doing fine after her spinal surgery last week, I hope things continue to progress well.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ok so why is it the more I try to clean the worse my room looks? I'm really trying to purge stuff and the more I purge the more I seem to find that needs to be gotten rid of, but the messier my room seems to get, what's up with that??? I'm totally frustrated and I've been grumpier than crap the past few weeks because of it, I just want to start throwing stuf away but it seems like such a waste but I have donated and given away so much I feel like people are saying crap here comes Laura again with more stuf for us, now where are we going to put it. Cass has even said I'm just trying to move my room into her store. Part of my problem is I can't pass up a good deal. I think I'm going to set small goals for me to accomplish right now I want to purge about 600 sheets of printed paper, that would be 3 cropper hopper plastic things full, let's see how that goes. After all I need to make room for the new stuff coming out at CHA right???? There are some really neat stuff coming out, I love what I'm seeing from Maya Road so far, but I always love their stuff. Junkitz has some wonderful stuff coming out. Paper Trunk is a new company people are really interested in. I can't wait to see it all in Chicago in a few weeks. Now I must get back to my mess. :( wish me luck