Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love my life!!!!!!!!!!

Ok as I sit here on my front porch typing on my lap top, looking down my tree lined street, as yes my cleaning lady finishes up inside I realize I am spoiled. Maybe I shouldn't say I am spoiled because I appreciate everything I have. I do love my life and am very thankful for everything I have, and yes this is the first time in my life I have let anyone else clean my house, but my husband says I'm no good at it so he has hired someone. Well it's not so much that I'm no good at it, it's just that I don't do it, so maybe it's just lack of experience, and if you've seen my mother's house you know I didn't learn that way. LOL!!!!

I should probably talk about so business here, well that's fun too. We have a garage sale going on this week and if I can get my butt in gear I might actually put some stuff in it. There are a few tables left, it's a good way to make some extra credit for that new stuff coming into the store.

If you are intersted in Christmas gifts we do have a few of our past kits for sale in the store, tagged and ready to go, you should stop by and take a look, and more will be coming in soon. Or maybe to get a head start if you see a class you like take the class and order a kit too to give away as a gift. Our design staff is coming up with some cute ideas , and some will be limited.

Now for the Build a Page class, the way that will work is we will have one sketch, and three different sample of that sketch. You will pick the sample or samples you want to do, and we will pull the stuff for you to purchase to do the one you choose. I will be there to help in any placement or turning of the sketch or if you want to freelance. But the idea is for you to learn how to look at one sketch and get many different looks from it and make it your own.

Until next time.


Kache said...

Don't think and drive, it's dangerous.

Have your cleaning lady stop by here on her way home please.

KJ said...

Oh, you are such a spoiled little brat! ;) Just jokin'! I'm just jealous.

Brandy said...

i'm after krystn. i don't ever clean. what a waste of time i could spend online reading celebrity gossip

jendera said...

and here i am all upset that i can't wash my floors myself for another 5 weeks! ;)