Friday, August 08, 2008

Random this.......

Driving today I was thinking, yeah I know me thinking is always scary. I was thinking of a conversation I had with Tim the other day, when he went on his rant about how expensive teenage girls are and how he says he's thinking about being an ugly purse designer because that's where the money it. I saw something in my neighborhood today I don't see too often, a SOLD sign. I think my head is getting too big for me and I need to come back down to earth. Still need to figure out how to get 48hrs worth of work into a 24 hr. day. Drew's graduating high school finally sunk in when I had to pay his college tuition bill this week. I'm trying to decide if I should clean before the cleaning lady comes on Tues. yeah we got a cleaning lady.

Here's some things that aren't random.

Paper Tales has a new Etsy site, you can get some of our class kits there here's the link.

Scrap Pink is coming soon so mark your calendar, we are having a three day crop again for Breast Cancer. That also means we will be having our silent auction again.

Still working on new stuff, we always have something up our sleeves so keep stalking the blogs.

Have you signed up for our Garage Sale yet??????? Need to make room and earn money for the new stuff coming into the store????? You should stop by and sign up, and clean up.

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