Friday, August 22, 2008

All grown up.........

And it makes me sad, and proud at the same time. Drew has his own car, license and is moving on with his life. Yes he is 18 and just getting his license but while still taking drivers ed. he got in a car accident with his grandmother and totalled a car, no one was hurt but it scared him to death, so getting him to drive again was not easy. But he scored a perfect score on his road test yesterday. Yay, Drew!!!!!

here he is with his new car, well used but it's new to him, right? It's a 2007 Grand Prix.

Here he is with his psycho grin, if he pulls out this grin you know he's happy, if he just smile he wants you to leave him alone.

This would be Drew showing Tim the trunk, which is where he will be riding in his car, and if we can never find Tim this is the first place we should look, brotherly love.

Here's Tim trying to figure out how to jack the keys so he can go pick up Austin and Chance and go cruise for chicks.

Here's Drew telling his peeps he's got his car, and yes they all went out to the movies, even Tim.

Right now Drew is on his way to Wisconsin with his girlfriend to her grandparent's cabin, they left at 3am I'm a little nervous about this one, he's never been away before without an adult, I know techniquely he's one but he's never had to face some issues alone, what if someone gets hurt or there is car trouble, stuff like that.

Well I think I have bored you enough, I'll tell you about the class I'm working on now, and hopefully will have photo's up soon. It's a breast cancer book, done with MF papers and the MR wing book. I hope to get it done today, as well as the rest of my cards done this weekend for my two card classes this month. We have the regular card class on the 17th and then we are having a Christmas card class on the 27th. So I suppose I should get off of here and do my friday errons and get to work.

Until next time. Be good or at least have fun.


Monica said...

Yay for Drew! Brian was 18 when he got his license too.

KJ said...

WooHoo for Drew!! Nice car!!