Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What a responds to the book. First I want to say thank you th Teresa for putting my book on her blog, she is such a sweet friend. Thank you.

Now to answer some of your questions;

I will be happy to sell some kits for this class, but I had to order more of Teresa's paper first so please let me know if you are seriously interested and I will figure out how to get it done.

Now as far as my source for the vintage stuff Oh how I wish there was a few places where I/we could go to pick up what we need or want, but it really is luck and lots of searching, yard sales antique stores, ebay. It takes time, I had the idea for the book when the papr came out and had already started my collection but took until now to get enough stuff, and a few of the items are reproductions, but only a few. It's not easy but I love the hunt for the next great treasure.

As far as knowing the girls at Paper Tales in San Diego, yes I do and Michelle and Helle are wonderful and sweet, I was just there and they have some great little vintage finds in there store they have someone that brings them in that does the searching, California is a great place to search.

Thank you once again for your kind words on my project. If you have anymore questions please let me know.


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