Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank You for waiting.......

If you would like to purchase a kit for the Bon Appetit class below I do have only two kits that are extra, 80% of the ephemera in the kit is the actual vintage stuff and NOT reproductions, althought there are 3 repros in the kit. It is a great kit and would make a great gift for Christmas. the cost of the kit is $30 plus shipping. Please contact me at lauravig@comcast.net if you have any questions or would like one, it is a first come first serve basis. Here are a few pictures of the project, and again thank you for all the kind words on the project.

And if you are looking for some cool stuff, Paper Tales does have an online store at etsy ther is a link to the right, you might want to check that out, I'll be adding some cool stuff in the next couple of days, trust me really cool stuff.
Thank you,

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Brandy said...

Cute book and love the pics from your trip. I can't believe people live with those wildfires either, wowsa!