Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back into the swing of things........

Yes vacation was way too short and yet I really had no time to take one. When did live get so crazy????? I use to say I work well under pressure, and yes I still do it's just crazy lately, but good crazy so I shouldn't complain.

Well class was fun today, and I hope to get more samples done, yes I know that I am getting my samples in late but some of it is I am waiting on items to ship, so I am trying. I do have many classes in November 5 I think and one of them is a 12 x 12 album we will do this in one day on a Saturday and start at 10:30 am it will be a great Christmas gift for someone or just for you to keep it will be a family theme.

Here are some photos from my trip.

Here is Michelle and Helle, they own and run Paper Tales in San Diego and I must say they are two of the sweetest girls I've met and the store is just charming it would definataly be worth the trip if you are anywhere around Southern California, I love all the vintage stuff they have there.

Here's another friend I made while in San Diego, while on Shelter Island, I could have pet him but I think ha wanted food, bye that time of the day so did I.

Guess where I am here??????

Guess who lives here???? I know you can't tell but this is Bugs Bunny's house or where he use to live he is even carved into the circle in the door. Yes we took a trolley ride in Beverly Hills.

You would think Jon would be smiling since he is on the Santa Monica Pier and just order us a

yup that's a big ole funnel cake, can't go to the peir and not have one, of course our just about blew away.

Can you guess where our Hotel is?????? Well just follow the smoke and you'll get closer. I don't see how people stand all the fires, and it's a constant almost, they have five seasons spring summer, fall winter and fire. No thank you, I had nose bleeds from it and let's not even mention traffic because of freeways being closed.

Although the smoke can make for a pretty picture, but I think I'd wait for clouds instead.

I know this is hard to see but while we stopped at a rest area for picture taking this sign killed me, yes it's a rattle snake warning sign, nice the side of the rest area I was trapesing all over outside boundaries to take pictures no signs go to the other side and these things were all over the place.

Well I really need to get going and get some stuff done.

Goodnight for now.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Laura and glad you are home. Class was, as always, fun. Suggestion: Is it possible for you to put all of the vintage pages in a binder or album? Think the beauty of the pages would really appeal to people who are interested. Nothing like something else to do....Harriet

shannon said...

great pics. i want a funnel cake!

KJ said...

Great pics, Laura! Looks like you had fun!!