Saturday, September 27, 2008

So how hard is it to count to 15 anyway??????

Well for someone who is sleep deprived apparently pretty difficult. Kits for class today 15 ok maybe 16???? who can count, better to have one more that one less right????? Sweet Treats 15 kits of about 20 items yeah letsjust say 14 of these 16 of those rarely was there 15 found, yes we had 15 we just had to find them, counting today just got down right funny.

Do you ever wonder what goes on at your house when no one is there?????? Well yesterday I found out. I told the dogs behave I was leaving walked out and came back to get something and found this.
I was laughing too hard to yell at her, she's almost 11 so I'd let her be comfortable for her nap.
Well this is where I would post pictures of my next wonderful class coming up, but I have no sample so no pictures, no post about it but there are a lot of great classes going on at the store and in my previous post. I'll think about working on some samples. Is there anything you guys want to see coming up for a class?????
Well I should get back to packing Sweet Treats so they will be ready on the first.
Have fun.

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shannon said...

cute. we've been keeping guinness out of the crate for a few days, i'm sure he's loving have the home all to himself...