Monday, September 01, 2008

My weekend.....

Well a long weekend, what did you guys do with yours????? Hopefully you had a nice close to your summer I know it is sad to see it go, even tho I do love fall I'm not thrilled with the season after it :(

Ok back to this weekend. Well I think I spent all day Friday buying food for the kids to go back to school and get the last of the supplies we hope that are needed. I'm sure that there are a few things Tim will need but we'll get those lists from the teachers. His history paper is finally done that he has had all summer to do, yes he had AP History homework over the summer. Tim got a job Friday, he wanted one all summer and now that he has to go back to school he has a job.
Jon and I spent Sunday buying a new TV and entertainment system, let's just say I'm still looking for that winning lotto ticket Jon has somewhere. All I have to say it thank goodness for warrenties, we bought the warrenty and needed it already, well actually don't know if we needed it or not. The first TV we got had a gas leak so once we got it up on the wall, mind you this is a 58 inch plasma so it was NOT easy to get up on the wall then we had to box it up bring it back to the store get another one and yet hang it up on the wall. We got it up on the wall and watching it. Then I started cleaning my fish tank, ok it's Jon's fish tank but I seem to be the one taking care of it, so let's just say the fish may like swimming in the water but I'm sure they don't want me sitting in it anymore, and as far as that goes I don't want to sit in it either, it really wasn't planned the first time.

I was suppose to get my Christmas cards done for class this weekend, but not one got done, I know it's still early sorta so maybe I could get a couple done before bed, but dinner also needs to be cooked and rinsing my undies out in the fish tank, from the above accident doesn't count as cleaning the clothes, so that too needs to be done. So I guess I have miles to go before I sleep.

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Anonymous said...

ummm...just how big is that fish tank?
never mind, jon never goes for small:D