Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Day well just another day...

Well ok nothing much has gone on around here, school has started, allergies are here in full force, and the fish water is now clean.

Melissa Frances came in today and is out on the floor, she has some really pretty stuff. The LittleGuy line is just adorable, and the new stuff added to her Thankful line are wonderful. I can't wait un til her Christams line comes in just wait until you see it, it hasn't shipped yet, but I do have a class planned with it, so keep your eyes open for it.

Between sneezing, and itching my eyes I have managed to play a bit with Basic Grey Ambrosia line and some stuff you might just see in Paper Tales Sweet Treats. The first one is October.

Be good or atleast have fun.


shannon said...

how cute is that pumpkin!?!

KJ said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Check out my blog...left you a well deserved award!

Kache said...

tee hee...pumpkinhead