Thursday, June 26, 2008

Test, test........

Ok let's try this posting thing again, I have tried posting twice since the party and blogger wouldn't let me, but I'll do that some other time right now I dn't have time. I need to let you know what is going on at the store, A LOT!!!!!!!! I really don't think Cass ever sleeps.

This weekend we are having our Backroom sales yolu don't want to miss this, there is a lot of stuff there some new some old, but all priced to go. Think of a garage sale, hey if you have Christmas projects to do this is the time to get some great bases and get started on them (hey I might have to do that myself). Another good think is if you love to alter stuff th submit or for DTs this is the place to find stuff we have stuff like chipboard books for .25 cents how can you go wrong with that.

The other thing and don't forget it's a doozy all printed paper today and tomorrow is 28% off, not even the zone beats that and you don't have to spend the gas to go out there it's win, win. The new Basic Grey is in and out on the floor and the new Yellow Bicycle both are beautiful. And don't forget to wish Mike happy birthday the sale is in honor of his birthday the 28th.

Well i guess I better get into work and price more stuff. I do want to thank all the people that have congratulated me on being on off the winners in the G45 contest, Thank you. I can't wait to see their new line.

I promise to get some pictures of the party up, it was a blast.

Until next time.

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