Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So proud I couldn't cry.

While everyone was crying around me as Drew grabbed that deploma, they looked at me like I was heartless because I wasn't crying, not a tear. I don't think you could wipe the smile off me face, but not one drop. I just told them I was too proud of him right now I couldn't cry, you also couldn't wipe the grin off of his face.

Here are a few pictures fro the night, I wan to post all 300+ but that won't happen, so enjoy these.

Now on a sad note it seems that our newest member to our family has died..........Bessie from a few post down is no longer with us, well I guess she will be as soon as we get a freezer, guess I need to be cleaning out the basement.


Anonymous said...

Good pictures Laura, especially "the brothers". I think you will enjoy Bessie a lot.
I got the kit finished today. Tonight I will add the pictures. Harriet

Monica said...

Drew definitely looks happy! Congrats!

KJ said...

Congrats! To Drew and YOU! ;)