Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just a quickie............

Ok first of all get your minds out of the gutter ladies. Man have we been busy at the store, the backroom sale is going well, today is the last day so come and get your goodies while you can. There are a lot more things we are working on you are going to want to keep a look out for, we are still doing the Altered Bra contest you have until after the 4th of July weekend to get those in, they are starting to come in and we are excited about it. Starting in July the Crafters Home store (that's us) are giving away a trip to Disney, is that great or what!!!!!!!!! We are also coming out with a one time limited edition die for your revolution this fall, are we a cool store or what, they will go fast. So please look for more info on these in the near future, now I need to get ready for work and the sale. One more thing and this one is a biggy we are having our annual Scrap Pink 3 day crop the first weekend in October so you can sign up for one day two or all three don't forget this is also when we do our silent auction you don't want to miss that all proceeds go to breast cancer research.

Until next time.

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