Sunday, June 01, 2008


Ok so I'm a wimp, I have been lazy and haven't really done any yard work for over a year. I know I have been known as "that house" on our street. Last year we decided to do inside stuff not outside stuff, so I guess we did nothing. So yesterday I decided I didn't want to be "that house" but have had no luck with flowers the past few years due to a clay ground. So our flower beds are now rock gardens, yes I think I can grow rocks. There should be no weeds to worry about, I hope I put enough weed block down and mulch. My Japenese Maple now looks once again like a tree, no more blob that scraps along side my car as I pull into the garage, the roses have all been trimed, befroe they reached the second floor windows again, and the vegetable garden has been tilled and sodded. It got to the point were all I was growing there were weeds too. Hopefully the neighbors will start talking to me again. Right now I'm so sore from all the physical labor that I can't move, I have used muscles I didn't know I had.

What else did I do this weekend????? Went to dinner with the in-laws before they move up north. Drew has had his last day of High School, this makes me sad and proud, he is now a man.
He has graduation rehersal tomorrow morning and Prom tomorrow night, his tux came in early and was not the right size, doh!! Jon says I'm going to cry when I see him in it, he's probably right. Don't get me wrong I love the young man Drew has become but I miss the little boy that couldn'twait to get Hungery, hungery hippos for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

having fun taking pictures :D

Deb Neerman said...

Hi Laura: Just wanted to say hello and thank you for visiting my blog!

Thanks for the kind words!!

~Hugs, Deb

Monica said...

Oooh, the prom! can't wait to see pictures!

Tami said...

Awww...I can't imagine my little guy growing up and graduating. Congrats to him!! Can't wait to see your prom photos.

I had to laugh when I read about your yard...I'm glad you got it looking nice again. I can sooooo relate to the sore body. I have managed to dig up three garden beds and replant bushes and hostas. I have pains where I never knew they could exist...LOL

Brandy said...

LOL, I need pics of the rock garden. I see one in my future

KJ said...

A-ha! A ROCK garden...definitely something I can't kill!!