Friday, May 15, 2009

What a week!!!!!!!

Well let's just say that I feel like I have got nothing done this week. My youngest is sick, really sick and since he is a lot like me he doesn't want to stop to go to the doctor. So yes I did get him to the doctor and he has the flu, but since then he has gotten better and worse, I hate this yo-yo ride with him, he use to do this when he was little.

I have counted thousands of beads and I mean thousands of beads for our Etsy site. So far between 50-70 thousand have been counted and packaged, all vintage made in West Germany. We have thousands more to count.

I have done one class sample this week and acrylic album from Maya Road, I learn a lot of the techniques from the DT from Maya Road too.

yes I have a few touches to add to it but, I need to match ribbon at the store.
Have a great day!

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