Friday, May 22, 2009

We've been learning!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a day of learnig for Tim and I, some important some not so much. First Tim's teachings for the day

1. If you ever rob a bank, make sure you know the layout of the city first. Yes a bank was robbed by his school and the person was NOT smart he went down towards the school which is a dead end street just past thee school at the police station. That robber was a thinker.

2. Exactly how many Seniors can you fit in a moon bounce before it gives way?????? answer apparently 30.

3. Finally if you notice some people at lunch trying to start a food fight, don't throw your luch away until the last possible second because then you are left with no ammo to throw back, becuase you know it is going to start. Thank god the ketchup and mustard cover kid wasn't wearing good clothes.

Me, well mine weren't as funny or memorable.

1. I think Tim also learned this one yesterday, don't pull out infront of someone when you have the air on inn the car. I need to remember my car is not as powerful this summer, I don't have as much get up and go as I have in the past.

2. If you are tall don't get undressed under a ceiling fan, ouch......I still have all my fingers they just are sore today and missing some skin.

Well have a nice day.

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