Thursday, April 09, 2009

France, we come from France.

Yup that's what my dogs are saying right now, this morning started early. Well early for me, it was early. Get two of the dogs to the Vet, there is a reason we have an in-home vet so actually taking them is not easy. Left them both with an estimate I didn't want to see, to have them call to say it was a miss quote NOT in my favor. They both came out of their surgeries without any problem. Rascal, now can close his eye all the way and has had his teeth done, not to mention another Cushings test, and Dexter well let's just say hopefully he will be a calmer little boy for now on. When they brought them back in the room to go home Rascal was ready to see us and get some lovin' Dexter was a little mad, he turned his back to us and just stood there. So now my shins are being hit all the time by two dogs with cones on and Lacy hates them, although she needs one too, she's the one that will really be going at the stitches. They have mastered eating and drinking, it was fun to watch them try to smell for a spot to potty this evening. I can't wait to see them try to play tug of war. Here are the two Cone Heads.

This weekend is going to be fun!!!!!

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shannon said...

the snip didn't mellow out guinness. hope it works for you!