Friday, February 27, 2009

What happened to February??????

I know it's a short month but man did it fly by! Hopefully this means that spring is actually around the corner. But March does mean another vintage page class, the date is March 7th and there are a few spots left, in this class you will learn to make those wonderful flowers out of grunge board that you see Wendy Vecchi from ranger make. You will find out that it is a fun product to play with. Here are the samples.

Yes these classes are geared so even beginners can do them, but I do not expect to see any M&M's as flower centers (Linda) or do I want to explain the you what an ink pen is (Judy). Neither of you are beginners, and should know better, but thanks for the laugh in class the other night.

Now if you want a class not for begiiners you should take a look at Helen's Garden book it is beautiful with a capital "B" and is filling fast.

Now if you are just in the mood for some new stuff man o man is it flowing in the store, faster than we can put it out at the moment. Come in and see it all and let the creativity flow.

Update on "damit dog" aka Dexter, he still has not stopped from the day we got him, his energy is amazing, he eats like a growing boy but seems so skinny, but strong as can be, he plays tug of war with Rascal my 130 pound dog and holds his own. I have picture from the other day. And sad to say I will not be using stencil paste in my projects in the near future, I came home from work to see Dexter ("damit dog") eating it, I don't know how he got it to begin with but he also unscrewed the lid, didn't chew a hole in it it was unscrewed, yup I chased him around the house saying a few choice words, never a dull moment with him.

Well have a great night.

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Kache said...

Awww puppy doggies!

Nice pages, I really like the last one, great colors.