Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Nope I'm not going to make any resolutions, I never keep them, so I don't try to set them anymore. But I do wish your new year is filled with everything you desire.

Around here all is well. No one can complain, well, it doesn't help so we try not to.

I have got another class sample done, Cass is jumpong for joy. My vintage page class is done, I have three pages done and there will be one other sample waiting on you at class. Here are the ones you will be making.

Yup I love old pictures, and yes these are all related, to me. I did over the holiday season by surprise get a few more old photos of some relatives I really never thought would have their picture taken, what a great gift. I also got more from Jon's side of the family, I just love all that is old.
Well I hope to see you at the Vintage class on the 10th, my dinner just walked in the door, so I'm going to go eat.


Kache said...

What a cool surprise to get more older pictures, lucky!

They look great

Anonymous said...

The precious vintage couple look so much like my great grandparents that I had to get really close to see them! I love your work!

Peggy Houston, TX said...

Wow, I really love your style. It totally speaks to me!