Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a week...

I don't even know where to begin, my baby, yes my baby turned 16, man I'm old.
We are dealing with all the pre-show crap, by crap I mean looking a new stuff trying to make room and figure out how much we can spend.

Let's not forget it's also time to do inventory, do you know how many sheets of paper are in your store?????? I do they've been counted.

Let's not also forget on the home front my Mother went in for a completion of a back surgery she had 18 months ago and well now she is in the cardiac care unit with a pace maker after her heart stopeed beating many time through out the night. She seems to be in good spirits and her back seems to be doing better, and the heart problem seems to be doing well on the pacemaker.

Needless to say my brain (what little there is) is fried and I have not been able to do my paperdoll book so that class will be postpone until after CHA sometime. Speaking of CHA there are some really cool things coming out.

Well tomorrow is a new week so let's see what it brings, beside another candle on the cake for me.


shannon said...

sorry you have had a bad week. hoping this one's much better! ;o)

Hel said...

Sorry about your week. But I did catch that reference to tomorrow. Let me be one of the first to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! all gets better.

Rev. Don said...

So ANOTHER birthday is supposed to make it all better? Good luck with that!

Kache said...

Laura, I didn't realize your mom was in the hospital. I really hope she's improved since your post!