Monday, November 03, 2008

I hate being sick!!!!!!

So much to do and all I want to do is sleep, trust me I've been sleeping. I've been sick now since Thur. and I've had enough!!!!! No energy to do anything, and no voice!!!!! Me not talk, that's unheard of!!!!!!! This cold is kicking my butt. But enough about how I feel let's get to some fun.

I saw this on a website and thought is was cool, but I didn't want to go through the big mess so I made it a bit simpler for us scrappers. Ok we all know those bottle brush trees at Christmas time, the green ones in the Christmas Villages, and for those of us who are older had them thru out the house during the holidays. Well wouldn't you like to make them fight your project by coloring them????? It is so easy your going to wonder why you didn't think of that. First you start with the right type of tree you don't want an all plactic tree the color won't take mine I got and Michaels 21 in bag for $14.99 they have amny sizes in there.

Then you want to bleach them, I used a bowl of water and about 1/4 cup of bleach, it does take a few minutes and I did a few at a time.
Once this is done you want to rinse out the bleach and dry them, If you use a hair dryer please be careful, they can smoke on you. After this it's all up to you and your project. I colored mine with Maya Mist the gold then the red and green are great.

I know my red looks pink but it's my lighting, it is a beautful deep red with gold sparkles, and so is the green. The gold really does show through.
Now if you are going for a softer look try Glimmer Mist, although you don't get the glimmer you get with the gold Maya Mist.

I can't wait to start using these in my projects.
Speaking of which I will post my Melissa Frances Christmas book hopefully tonight, as soon as I'm done here I'mm going to work on it. And speaking of Melissa Frances guess who is there guest designer???? You should hop over there and check it out, they always have interesting things going on, the link in to your right, just click on Melissa Frances. See ya there!!
Now go make some trees!!!!


shannon said...

cute. and feel better.

Helen said...

Laura do you know my husband? LOL He has the same cold and no voice...which is a good thing.. I think.
Hope you feel much better real soon. See you in class... the trees are great....who knew what you could do with a old sisal tree.

Hel said...

Ok Laura..... I have my blog up and running, such as it is. I will look for your comments when I get back home.
Love the cookie book and the papers for your Christmas book.

KJ said...

Those trees are so cute! That's awesome! How'd you figure that out?!

Lisa M. Pace said...

Oh you just created a monster. What a wonderful idea. See you soon!