Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy, busy, busy..........

How many people start their post with that same title????? Well around here it's true. We tried to go Christmas shopping Saturday and just didn't have any luck, we bought nothing, not even a candy cane. We don't know what people want and this is the really sad part that hurts me to say but some of the people we haven't seen in a while so we don't know what they are into. The kids we buy for are at the age were gift cards are best, so yes Kate if you are reading this Erin IS getting a gift from us, why because we love buying little kids presents at Christmas time, it's what is fun for us, and I think she is just about the only little one left. And I love seeing joy in peoples faces. And when I can cause it it's even better, maybe I'm sick that way but I get a charge out of it.

I hope to get the tree up this weekend, there isn't a lot of time between now and Christmas this year, If all goes well maybe I'll post pictures. I did find my dining room this weekend, for those of you who do not know I'm not a neat person, there I said it, and a lot of my junk goes right into the dining room because we don't use it. I'm talking bags and bags of stuff, the stuff I bought in San Diego a few months ago was still in the bag in there, all my die cutting machines and dies, you get the picture. Well since Thanksgiving is this week and everyone is eating here we needed a place to eat so now I hae a dining room again and not a junk room, it will last through the Holiday season because I also use the table for wrapping gifts.

Well I should get ready for work, it's going to be a busy week getting ready for Black Friday sales we do have some really good stuff coming in for it so watch you email for the list and if you don't get our emails go to and sign the guest book now!!!!!!

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Hel said...

Well aren't you up and about early. I'm still working on my dinning room. Dinner is here Thursday so time is a wasting.
So glad I read your I know its time to go buy presents!
I'm looking forward to hiding at Paper Tales on Friday.