Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a beautiful weekend!!!!!!!

The weather was great this holiday weekend, I hope you guys got out and enjoyed it like we did. Saturday Jon and I went shopping, he wanted a few shirts (not needed) and can we say we did our best to help the economy, I think he got 11 shirts and got rid of 2. We had fun, and yes I REALLY needed those new shoes ;) hey they have bling on them. Then we spent Sunday at a BBQ had a great time making new friends and spending time with old ones.

Well I didn't get all my samples done like I wanted but it was just too nice yesterday, and too hot in my craft room, so Cass I'm sorry but I was melting up there. But today is another day and it's not 85 degrees outside so it's not 90 in my room. But all the cards are done and will be at the store today, there are still a few spots and I'm sure we can always make room just give us a call http://www.papertales.com/

Well I hope everyone enjoys their short work week.
Until next time.

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