Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This one's for Cass.........

She told me today I needed to blog so here I am blogging.............trust me it is tacking everything I have in me not to end this post right now, and say ok I blogged. Do you think she'd let me get away with that?????? Well maybe. I do have some more projects in the store but don't have the photos downloaded yet. Father's Day is around the corner and I have a book at the store to celebrate him. also have no idea what I just did to the font. My Old Detroit should be in the store tomorrow or Thursday I still need to do the cover for that one and take pictures. I'm working on my cards for Junes card class.

I know we have new doodlebug in the store and Heidi Swapp, Some great Military brads in today, I sware it's been coming in so fast sometimes I forget. One thing I can say is check your email there are some thing a brewing in the minds at the store. Are you scared yet or intrigued?????

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The Cat Mom! said...

Dear teacher, you are a wonderful little blogger, and next time you need assistance with typing maybe you could call you MIL. Keep Smiling and have a nice day. Vicki