Thursday, January 10, 2008

In the Spirit

No I'm not posting a late Christmas post. I figured that since the buz about CHA has started I would join in, in the fun. Some of you know I have some friends that own companies in the business, well I don't really remember who started it but someone started teasing, and someone else is being very tight lipped ;) I'll give you a hint they have some very cool sheer ribbon. And I think I might need to start see a cardioligist according to them. Well as those of you who know me know I like to tease, some might say I'm "SASSY" honestly I don't know where they get that from???? I'm too sweet to be sassy, just ask me. Well this post is for Cass, she wants a class sample so I thought i'd get into the CHA spirit and here's your Sneak Peak of my Valentine class.

I hope you like it, now who can tell me what all the items are?????????


andrea said...

I'm intrigued...don't know the correct names of everything, but I would refer to them as "chochkeys" :)

Brandy said...

dunno, but that's pretty durn cute!