Monday, January 07, 2008

Back on Track

Ok it's a new year and a fresh new start so I'm going to try to get back on track. I've kinda lazed around the last half of the year, but I don't think it was all my fault, my health hasn't been the best, but I'm taking care of that and now I want to get going again. I'm starting to feel better ( a little like a pin cushion but better).

Here are some classes I've been working on and I have more in the works and so many ideas in my ind it's scary. (the voices just won't be quiet) :)

here's a peek of a cheater class it's a kit from K & Co. but there are times when a girl just doesn't have that much time, I've added to it, but it is vintage and fun, and I love vintage.

Here's a class I was lucky to do when Paul from Tinkering Ink said he would send me the stuff and even kit the class for me if I would use the Blur line, in which if you know my son Drew you know that's the perfect line for him, so I jumped at the chance. Here's a peek.

Here's a DT project I did for BYOM sometimes it's fun just to play and with this one that's just what I did. It's a mirror with a transpartency of me on it, I really liked how it turned out.

I'm working on a Valentine class and Vintage Monthly page class and many more.


shannon said...

love the little hat book!

Brandy said...

i thought it was cool too. laura likes vintage? i had nooo idea =)