Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ok here's my public service. GO and GET your MAMMOGRAM!!!!!! Had my first on done today and it wasn't my favorite thing to do but I lived through it and truthfully I've had worse test done, you know the other yearly one we have done. I will be getting them done regularly now, my Grandmother is a ontime Breast Cancer survivor and didn't win the fight the second time around, so from now on they will be checking me regularly. Ok my lecture was short and sweet,but too the point now go get your booby squished.

I am really excited about stuff going on at the store we are going to be at CKU doing make and takes with Junkitz new line Extreme Boy, pluse we will be doing make and takes all weekend long during CKU at the store. We also have some wonderful classes coming up you should check out the site, including a Breast Cancer book for April 24th. Caroline from Maya Road will soon be teaching a class or two at the store, I can't wait to see her again and Noah is always a cutie you should check her blog out she is always giving stuff away and has many ideas Then once there check out there DT blog for wonderful ideas too.


cass said...

yes we lurk, we just don't comment :)

Kache said...

Great PSA!

Now get to scrappin.

shannon said...

i agree. boobie smooshing is a good thing. better to catch it early!