Sunday, March 18, 2007

I do beleive I have been neglecting my blogging duties, sorry, sad to say no one really reads it much any way but a few freinds that I much appreciate.

This week Caroline from Maya Road has posted a R.A.K. with a twist you need to do a project or LO using old stuff, well heck I have a ton of that lying around here, of course I had to move all the new stuff to get to it. But I felt I was up for the challenge it only took me all week to do it but here it is, it's a cigar box of my Dad. Some of the stuff beside being really old from the 1950's I've been collecting for years ok so for the past ten since his passing, the Bulldog paper is perfect for his school and the coal in the jar for the coal mining town in grew up in and moved back to, it all has meaning to something in his life. So I wanted to thank Caroline for pushing me to do this project.

By the way notice MR tiny crown stamp is perfect for the Prom King photo.


Kache said...

You're such a slacker.

Very cool project, I like all the memorabilia you were able to include in it.

Lisa said...

That looks so cool Laura!

shannon said...

way cool!