Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well I got myself a new toy yesterday, a new camera. I wanted it before we go to Germany in a few weeks, and I played around with it today while the boys did the leaves in the front yard. And sinse they don't let me take photos of them I had to be sneaky and I was actually inside for most of the photos. Some turned out pretty good and some blurry but I have about three books to read on how to use the thing, so I haven't figured it all out yet.

The last one I like the leaves blowing. Hopefully I get to play a little more before Germany, the kida aren't very helpfull in that department.


Kache said...

The pictures look really good, what kind of camera did you get?

Susan said...

yeah, what kind of camera did you get!! I still don't know all mine can do and I've had it almost 2 yrs (so no it's outdated of course)

Brandy said...

What camera? I got a new one and special moments are not the time to try and figure out how it works (we had a blurry Halloween, what can I say?) Luckily the plane ride to Germany should afford you plenty of time!