Friday, November 03, 2006

Ok this is something I just have to share. I love my children and I do trust them, they are very good kids, I am VERY blessed. I feel guilty, almost like I was checking up on my oldest, but what I was doing was trying to get some pictures of him. I gave him one of my old cameras, and he avoids me with the camera like the plague, I never get his face I get a shirt or a hand it's horrible trying to get a picture of him. Well he wanted the camera so he could email pictures of himself and his friends to his girlfriend that lives in Florida, so when I saw his/my camera sitting there I thought I would see if there were any good pictures of him on it, OMG I'm sooooglad I did, I got some of the funniest pictures ever, I can't wait to scrap them, but don't know how to tell him I have them without loosing his trust, because I really don't go through his stuff, like I said he really is a good kid, and not just Eddie Haskle good he has a good heart and respect of things, who would of thunk a teenager these days knew what that word was??? Well here are some of the pictures.

Here is my other son as his true self.

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