Monday, August 14, 2006

Well it has been an exhausting weekend, but I did get a lot accomplished. Sat. I weeded the yard, it needed it very badly, it had been about 6 weeks since I had done any of it. Lets just say one of the thistles grabbed hold of my hair and wouldn't let go. Good thing DH came along with a shovel and not a camera, although it would have been a hoot to scrap. Then in the evening I went out with the family to the movies and dinner. I still have some sort of rash from one of the weeds. Sunday, I just cleanned the bathrooms, with a house full of boys that's a job, then around 3 I figured I'd paint the family room. I never did after fixing the leak in the roof, not something to decide to do that late in the afternoon on a Sunday, lets just say I needed more paint so after work on MOnday stopped of for a quart more got it home and it was purple, didn't look purple in the store, but put it on the ceiling and it was purple, so back out to the store to get more during rush hour in Sterling Heights construction mess, I think they are just digging up the roads to screw with everyone now. Well the painting is done and DH wants to know whats for dinner?!?

Atleast I got to play with the new Basic Grey stuff today it came in along with, EK and 7 gypses should be in tomorrow.

Now every muscle in my body hurts so I think I'm going to call it a night.

By the way the room is fig, looks more like chocolate. Tim picked out the color.


Lisa said...

My muscles hurt just from reading that! But at least you go to play with the BG!! WOO HOO

Kache said...

Painting is such a pain. And the answer to the question of what's for dinner is "whatever you're making". :)