Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So could you tell that it was a true MONDAY on my last post? I guess my finger was a little heavy, no I was NOT drinking at the time.
Well today we got a big box from Prima, I got all excited and the noticed it was stuff that was ordered in Feb. Some I had and some I just had to have, sad the stuff I had I bought back in May because who knew when I'd actually see them again in the stores, I am not a patient person, yet they still sit on my shelf un-used, it seems like I do that a lot.

Paper Tales has a new class coming up Oct. 1st. It's a photography class, this will help everyone take better pictures from any camera. And we all know your LO's always look better with a great photo, I'm taking the class I really need to know more about how to torcher my son's with the flash.

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Kache said...

I'm not sure I believe the no drinking excuse