Friday, August 18, 2006

Sometimes it amazes me what makes me happy, I paid $2.78 for gas today and was thrilled. Came home and my son was ready for work early. But I never realized the stuff some of us take for granted daily, the fact that we have a car to put gas in or that we are lucky enough to have a son, even everyday things like some one to say I LOVE YOU.


Anonymous said...

LOOK at those cute boys!!

The simple things in life really ARE the best things! I really need to count my blessings more often.

Thanks for the smile,

Kache said...

Hey I recognize those two...glad there were some happy moments for the day!

Heather said...

cute picture- I lol at the two candles at each end- how adorable!
If all else fails, it's always great to go back to the basics to appreciate life... thanks for the reminder!

Rita said...

Life really is what you make it. You can choose for it to be miserable or not so miserable. It's up to each of us. Thanks for the smile!